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Thread: getting a patent

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    getting a patent

    Anyone know how to get a patent on a product. I have read a little online and it seems really complicated???

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    I don't think it is super complicated. My husband is an attorney and he has registered several for folks. Hardest part is being sure that you are not infringing on someone elses patent. It just requires research and then paperwork.
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    you may want to post your question at
    I think someone there may know a little about it
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    So how much would you husband charge me to help me through the process?

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    Sorry, I didn't mention that to try to get you to hire him. Not even sure if he would be interested. Doing interstate work has drawbacks.

    Check out the links Wayne gave you. Do you have a Law School near you? Maybe you could go to the Legal Clinic and get assistance, a professor would be supervising.
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