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    I am embarrassed to ask this, even more that it is my first post. Today I did my bowel program and I kept hearing what sounded like water dripping. When I saw the toilet it was full of blood. I mean the bowl looked like pure blood. What is the best thing I should do? I am scared and need help.
    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    I't could be hemorrhoids, but you should call your doctor.

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    What kind of bowel program are you on ?

    If you do digital stimulation, you could have punctured your rectum.

    If it's hemmorhoids, that's good news.
    I had huge ones two years ago. I had a 30-minute operation to remove them, followed by an overnight hospital stay.

    But I had weekly bowel accidents for the next two months because the sutures sent the wrong signal to the autonomic nervous system.

    In the long run, I'd recommend the surgery, which could be laser, wrapping the roids in bands until they die or scalpel.

    Mine were so big, I needed the scalpel. But the results were worth it.
    No more pain and no more bleeding.

    Good luck/

    Give us an update.

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    I do my bowel program, shower chair over toilet, every day. I am now switching to a high fiber, protien diet with smaller proportions to limit the times I have to do my bowel program. I know much is in my mind and I don't always have results or they are small so today is the first day I am skipping it. I will talk to my doctor. Is there a certain type of doctor I should go to? Also since my 2+ years post I have only seen my family doctor. Is there a special doctor I should see for all of my sci issues?
    I was pretty much shipped out of rehab with little info on the best way to handle my sci.
    Thank you michaelm and Uncle Peter.

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    A little blood in the bowl looks like a lot. If you are not bleeding between bowel care, you probably just have normal hemorrhoids (it is rare to puncture the rectum and the bleeding would not stop). If you bleed enough that you get anemic, or bleed between bowel programs, then see a colorectal surgeon. Most often if they need treatment, either injection therapy or hemorrhoid banding can be done in the office. Rarely is surgery required.

    Just about everyone with SCI gets them eventually. You can sooth them temporarily with Preparation H or similar over the counter product.


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    Thank you for your help. I have had a tiny bit of blood before. This time it was a lot. Yes I mean a lot. I could hear it dripping the whole bowel program. I have changed my bowel program to every two days and I use a roho commode cushion. My only change is I also use an inflatable ring with just a minor bit of air in it. This stops my bottom from feeling like it is being turned inside out so to say.
    I am sure it isn't a rectal tear. If I have the problem again I am seeing a doctor.
    I use a tool to insert the magic bullet. I am just lubing it better now. Much better.

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