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Thread: Trouble with Buprenorphine (Norspan) Patch

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    Trouble with Buprenorphine (Norspan) Patch


    I hope someone can help me.

    I have been on a truckload of medication for the past 5 years for chronic nerve pain. This includes-
    oxycontin 30mg morning, 20 mg afternoon, 30 mg evening
    Neurontin 1200mg x3 daily
    + others
    I have also had pain procedures like ketamin infusions and nerve blocks, not to mention extensive cognitive behavioural therapy.

    Recently for no reason, I have had a substantial increase in feeling & sensation, which has only increased my nerve pain.

    My pain Dr. has recently prescribed me a 5mg Norspan (buprenorphine) patch. The plan was that if the patch worked I might be able to try and reduce some of the oxycontin (which I have been on for 5 years now). He also gave me a prescription for a 10mg patch if the 5mg one didn't work.

    A few days after starting the patch my pain only increased. I managed to wear the patch for 6 days but could not continue it any more. Since removing the patch 5 days ago the pain has not decreased back to its normal level.

    Has anybody else had a bad reaction reaction like this?

    Also, is there any information comparing the relative strengths of buprenorphine to oxycontin?

    Many thanks!
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