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Thread: Free Fes Ergys 1

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    Free Fes Ergys 1

    Because I am moving, anyone who is willing to come and get this FES bike can have it. If you would like to come and look at it first let me know and I will give you more contact information and details. I also have some 14 fr mentor straight catheters (7 inch) free to anyone who is willing to come and get them. These catheters have been stored in a closet for years (10 or more) and are also free. First come first served.

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    I live in FL but I would like the caths...would you be willing to ship them if I paid for postage?
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    I'd love the bike!

    Sugarcube, I'm also a T 5/6 and have used a FES bike recently. I'd love the bike! I'd be willing to come get it sometime this week. Please PM or email me. Thanks!

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    I am sure we could arrange something. How many boxes would you be interested in? I have 18 boxes of 5o, and 15 boxes of 30. PM me.

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    still available?

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    If earlier offers fall through, let me know. I could pick it up asap if needed.
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    I'll get the bike this weekend. is it still available?

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    where in ct are you?

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    Can you please let me know if you still have this bike. I will pick it up today!

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    Sorry folks, the bike is no longer available.

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