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Thread: Reality bites

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan
    For some reason, after my first two hours of sleep since Monday night, I wokeup ambitious. I was thinking of finding a way to exercise, do more stuff, etc. Then I got in my chair, the scapulas did their sticking, the back pain did iys skin ripping feeling when I move, the scoliosis did its "let's make sure he tips from side to side with no balance" thing, and poof, there went ambition. What a bummer.
    i have these same damn ideas, alan. i'll take some oxy, lay there an doze off for an hour or so, wake up pain free, think about things i could/wanna/can do, roll over an "BOO'YAAAAAAA", theres that same pain, same spot on my back/right hip, same intensity.....then the neuro.......burning/tingling from the waist down, emphasizing in the feet area, an not to forget the backs of my forearms an hands. i never understood what ya meant by scapulas poppin...BUT I DO NOW, haha. get up on my elbows in bed an raise my arms.....sounds like someone runnin a stick down picket fence. i used to handle it pretty good but i guess, bein 42 yrs old aint helpin none, can't keep the "will to exercise/go-get-em" attitude as top priority these days. i'm only 6 yrs post an it seems to be gettin worse by the day.

    wish we lived closer, maybe we could whine/motivate each other into a new state of mind, HAHA.

    good luck, brutha. hopefully the worlds dedicated physicians will figure out something for us sci's soon.

    if they were all as dedicated as our Dr. Young, maybe we all wouldn't have to suffer like we do. i know all sci's aren't as painful as some but for some of us........PAIN is the worst part of our injury.

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    I didn't wake up pain-free (oby, that sure would have inspired ambition), but in a very unusual (for me) state of mind. I tnough t warranted a thread.

    Dr. Young's the best. I hope the docs he's dealing with in China are doing some research on pain.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    in china after my oeg procedure ...excrutiating head ache ...tramadol usa strong iv narcotics for pain [the price is diffr.]i almost died [iv meds]
    i hate pain and meds.
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    I have suffered relentless 10++ pain after fate's (or, more accurately that dolt's intertemperance) catacylsmic thrust into this most perverse and vile way of existence. During the first several months, I simply believed my body was in a state of flux, but now, 1.8 years later, I am dealing w/this, this most excruciating pain a body should never -ethically- be allowed to feel w/out being doped up on some sort of IV relief. I truly do not have any desire to imagine this in 5 or 7 years.


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