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Thread: Finding a neurological urologist

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    Finding a neurological urologist

    KLD’s urging to find a good neurological urologist hit me with epiphany (I’m a little slow),suggesting why I might get further than with standard urologists who specialize in my neighbor’s father’s ED. But how do I find one? I live in Central NJ and would be very grateful for any suggestions. Doctors who work out of Kessler are a bit of a hike. St. Lawrence does more hip and knee replacements than SCI I suspect. I don’t think RWJ has any particular neuro specialty. I liked my doctor at Penn but I don’t think he’s particularly neurologically focused. Might Jefferson offer better options? I know they did work on the catheterizable belly button stoma. But Philly is also a hike, though I would go if anyone has recommendations. Does anyone know of anyone affiliated with JFK, or have any other suggestions?

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    I would start by calling Todd Linsenmeyer's office and see if he could recommend someone closer to you. He is one of the leading neurologic urologists in the country, and will know his colleagues in nearby areas.


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