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Thread: new member in florida

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    new member in florida

    Hi everyone, I would like to formally introduce myself. Here is a little about me, my name is Eddie I have lived in Florida for the last 10 yrs, Before that I served 8 yrs in the us army. I am originally from Vermont. I am married and I have 3 girls. ( 4, 13, and 16 yrs old ), and 2 stepsons ( 20 and 29 ). I am 38 yrs old, before SCI I was a millwright in a manufacturing plant, Right now I dont really have many hobbies or interests, I am still trying to put my life togeather somehow, and look forward to a day when things even out, not so many ups and downs. The date of my SCI is 9/24/05, I was involved in a head on collision, and as a result I am a C 3 and C 4 Incomplete, nerve damage is mostly left side. I was in the hospital for about 6 weeks, then rehab for 2 and a half weeks, I wore a halo, (god I hated that thing). I also have hardware surgically installed, and bone graphs. I hope that I may be able to contribute in some way. You all seem so wonderful, i look forward to being in such a nice group, thank you.

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    To Care Cure anty
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    Hi Eddie;

    Thanks for the introduction. Welcome to CC!

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    another im Florida here. Welcome. Go Gators. c-5 c-6 incomplete. post 20 yrs. Theres alot to do in Florida. Get out and do things.Lots of good stuff on this site. Good luck to ya.

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    surbondo - welcome. Where do you live in Florida? Mike
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    Well I hope you or any of your children are Florida Gator fans. They are going to repeat!!

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    Hear that kkmay.

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    Welcome Eddie.... Glad you found us but it sucks you had to join our SCI club....

    Three girls huh??? Bless your heart... my ONE daughter has about done me in...LOL Hormones, drama, and MONEY MONEY MONEY...LOL

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    Welcome, Eddie! One of the great things about CareCure is that it has an enormous accumulation of knowledge and experience, which everybody is willing to share. My wife was injured just a few months before you; it's only in the last weeks that she's been saying that she is starting to feel like she's herself again. It's a slow process, no doubt about it,
    but if you look back over the months you will see that you've been adjusting and improving, and you can look forward to more of that.
    - Richard

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    Welcome. You will find this place a great resource with a lot of friendly people. Hopefully you will be able to add this forum to your "interests". Where in Florida do you live?

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