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Thread: Amsterdam wheelchair access

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    Anyone who has traveled to Amsterdam... where did you stay? How accessible were the accomodations?

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    I don't smoke, but if there is a chance to take in the culture and people that would be great. Window shopping is nice, but so much the better if the local ladies can see past the wheelchair and just chat me up in the clubs. I think my buddy Kevin (He is in a power chair) and I will go next year.

    I will def research the hell out of this.
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    I was in Amsterdam a few years ago and thought it was great. It is a very progressive city, and that includes access issues. I was sitting in front of a 16th century mercantile building, convinced that I would never be able to gain access. One of the guards saw me checking it out and came running over to show me the hidden elevator that brought me to any level. Boston should be as good as Amsterdam! The other thing I remember is taking the train. No big fuss, no expensive modifications. I literally showed up and they asked me what car I wanted to ride in. I was a bit mystified because none of them looked accessible. They said to just pick one and the would ramp it. Sure enough, out comes a big plywood ramp that was attached to a wagon base, at just the right height for the train cabin. I asked how I would get out at the other end of my journey and they told me they had radioed ahead to let them know what car number I was in. Yep, they met me with the same plywood ramp thingie and off I went. It was great! There are cobblestones, but I have seen a lot worse and survived it. I hope you go. It's a great city. Don't remember much about the red light district, although, like most tourists, I did go to check it out. I think there were a few stairs almost everyplace. The Amsterdam museum of sex (I am not kidding here) is wheelchair accessible, and the local cannibis shops are too. I won't even begin to describe the porn on late night tv.....blush, blush.

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    I forgot to say that I stayed at something called Tulip Hotel chain (or maybe Hotel Tulip, don't remember), right on the outskirts of the city. It was totally accessible in terms of steps, doorways. There are several of these hotels to choose from.

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