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Thread: how do i know i am empty

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    how do i know i am empty

    how would you know you are empty when taking miralax?
    i had an huge accident 2 nights ago after taking the mag citrate at 5pm , went to bed at 3 am, thought i was done. woke up to a huge mess.
    however was still nauseous and doc office said to take miralax cap every two hours . i have been doing that more or less for 2 days. i am just getting some loose spurious stuff.
    i don't want to overdue it.
    when they did the colonoscope the doc said i was clogged/too full up at ileus to complete.
    i am now thinking the mess after the mag citrate was the emptier? i still seem to get nauteous when i eat , but no cramps, no fever (low temp 96.3 , narcotics?) no ab pain.
    but no appetite and i haven not eaten 20 percent of what i normally eat.
    i would think if i emptied when i had the big crap when i was sleeping, taking a cap miralax 3 or 4 times a day for two days would give me mucuos , but no mucuss?
    cauda equina

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    I'm not sure, if this is a totally foolproof way of knowing - but we had my boyfriend's primary physician check him up, while lying down, by feeling all over his abdomen - took her a few minutes - also listened in stetoscope. Said she was positive there was no constipation - nothing "standing there" - which of course may not be the same as totally empty.

    We wanted to be sure because his BM's have been totally umpredictable lately, and sometimes runny. He was also heading for a whole day of travel - going on a plane, and a helicoptor, being carried several times by strangers. So we wanted to know if he could safely take a pill against diarrhea - for which we got a yes after the examination. (She also said to pack two bags of prunes to get it going again after the pill - LOL).

    Not sure if this applies to your situation - and if you can get a doc to check you out?

    You sure have spent your days in a shitty way recently - I have been watching these threads because of our own problems - I really wish for you to have better times soon!

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    thanks cybs,
    i would have tried to have gone to the doctors today , but i was feeling a lot better , and i needed to pick up some scripts that i was down to my last day. i am more fortunate than most here, i can feel when i have to go except when it is liquid. i am going to give the miralax a rest until Monday., or maybe 1 x a day. i want to be able to go out.
    bowels will drive you nuts.
    i had a epidural for pain last week, they put me kind of twilight, that probably made the constipation worse,
    maybe it was food poisoning or stomach bug?
    cauda equina

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    Sure would be nice to have a way to tell the difference! BTW - I think you'll keep having the runs if you keep taking laxatives and don't eat. (That is, if your not constipated). What you drink will not have time to be absorbed, so will take the other route. Take care of your electrolyte balance - like salt in some juice. Glad you're feeling better!

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    strong spasms just lower than left breast

    i would think i would have mucus if i was empty or after burn. thats what i have experienced before with mag citrate, senna , or other laxatives that have empties me.
    this morning i woke up and had the desire for coffee and breakfast , first time since last Tuesday. this week i will follow up with docs.
    i had started taking miralax the end of march, really liked it , but than i started getting these huge gas, bloating and gassy explosive BM about 3 times a day after i emptied myself with enemeez in the am. it wasn't just gas , it there was usually a cup of matter.
    i may have to titter my miralax dose , but first need some serious abdominal /bowel work.
    i just had some flax cereal and coffee under my left breast (man) i was getting strong spasms that i could feel with my hand.
    cauda equina

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    Metro, how far are you from NYC? My colorectal surgeon (located on the Upper East Side) has the PIE machine. When I had to prepy for my colonoscopy a few years ago, I wasn't required to use any laxatives. I stopped eating solid food by a certain hour the day before and on the day of the procedure the PIE machine cleaned me out from stem to stern.

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    stephen that sounds exactly like what i need.
    upper est side is easy for me by public transportation.
    i will talk to local docs to see if i they can check if i am still clogged this week. if i am i will contact him, i need to be cleaned out so i can get on a routine again.
    i put in a enemeez about a hour ago with no results yet, it normally takes 3 minutes to start working. i did release a bit before the enemeez , so maybe i am empty. in the past i have had times when i had released a lot before the enemeez, thought i was empty , tried a enemeez anyway and it produced a huge amount. which means i have no idea of what is really inside me.
    but i have a feeling i may be clogged out of the reach on the enemeez action.
    i feel good today , had so food including protein. i am a gimpy walker, so i will ride my bike today and that should loosen things up, just hope not to much.
    cauda equina

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