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Thread: On the rebound........

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    On the rebound........

    Some interesting things been happening, was pretty much degressing lately but couple months ago my home visit nurse put me on simvastim(sp?), along with that I added 1000mg omega3/400mg vit D/daily otc vit supp. Well lo and behold it seems i might have hit my right combination, things have picked up quite a bit lately. Biggest thing with me was my heat tolerance, since I stopped sweating couple years ago I couldn't function without a fan blowing on me 24/7, haven't turned it on in weeks and I actually been feeling chilled. And now my legs seem to be coming back a bit where I can use them to transfer myself later at night when I used to get very tired.

    All in all I was not looking forward to getting older(I'm 55) at the rate I was going but given the current situation..........

    Oops sorry, I forgot no one here knows me, I'm a 55 y/o male d/x MS 1981, progressive type. Started using WC 1997 and fulltime in it since 2006 when my body core stopped cooling itself. Never on any drug programs.

    Nice to meet you all.

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    A nurse is not allowed to prescribe, so how did you get the Rx for Zocor?

    Actually, there are a couple of clinical trials going on with Zocor as a treatment for MS. Nothing definitive yet, but if you do have hyperlipidemia and MS, I would be requesting that specific medication if your physician thinks you need to take a statin.

    Glad your MS seems to be in a period of remission.

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    Zocor is the same thing as simvastatin (the generic name) or is the brand name best in these cases?
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    I'm part of the home based care of the VA, the RN comes to my home every couple months to do a checkup on me, recommends the meds and on-call Dr writes the prescription which VA then sends to me.

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