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Thread: Advive On 15yr Old Son

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    Advive On 15yr Old Son

    My 15yr old son races motocross, he was injuried during practice and suffered a compression fracture of the C5 and L1. The C5 is the more severe injury. Has complete movement and feeling. No pain what so ever. The CT scan shows the C5 broken into 5 pieces. No damage to the spinal cord. The dr has called it a bag of bones. He has also torn ligments around the C5. He will be in neck brace for 12 weeks then we will decide if surg is needed. Dr says he is very very lucky. Now the question is should we continue to let him races as he wishes?
    Any advice would be great.
    Is there anything that can be done to help strengthen his neck if he does race. There is a new neck brace out Leatt Brace that we would purchase.

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    He has no idea how lucky he is. None. And if you had any idea, you wouldn't ask that question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Honcho
    He has no idea how lucky he is. None. And if you had any idea, you wouldn't ask that question.
    My thoughts, exactly--just after my initial "Hell NO"

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    Your son will likely suffer some pain issues long after that "bag of bones" heals. I would not recommend he race again, or engage in high risk sports for that matter. If he has surgery he will have at the least instrumentation, and perhaps cadaver bone or bone from his own hip. It will never be as strong, and he dodged a HUGE bullet by having none of those fragments driven into his spinal cord. It is a small price to pay. Have a walk through a spinal cord injury unit at any rehab hospital near you, and please listen to the members here..many who responded to you are not only people with spinal cord injuries but also parents of teenagers themselves. Tell your boy NO MORE.

    It is rare that I give professional opinions but this time I felt compelled.

    Mary RN
    Clinical Manager
    Neurodiagnostic Services

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    My 12 niece wasn't so lucky. She broke her T4 riding her horse, something she was and still is passionate about. She is now paralyzed from her belly down but if you asked her she would tell you that she would risk it all over again and is glad she rode! She is now back in the saddle and loving every minute! If it's in his heart, he needs to make that decision not you. I realize how hard that is, after my niece's fall I wanted my kids to stop riding their quads. She told me, "Auntie, you've got to let them live".

    Good luck and am glad he was so lucky!


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    If he were mine, with a neck like that, I might lock him in the closet until he's 30. I hope to God he-and you-never really understand how much luck you just used up.

    I know an awful lot of "motorcycle quads", and he just came within a hair of being one himself. I'm happy he was lucky. If I were him I'd quit pushing the envelope.

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    You both need to visit a rehab center! You, as a parent, have NO IDEA what this type of injury will do, not only to your son's life but to yours as well. Listen to all who comment here - many of us are shaking our heads right now!
    Lucky, lucky boy!

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    You should really listen to what everyone has said. He is soo lucky to have not been seriously injured. I was injured at C5 racing street bikes, but rode motocross most of my life too. Can't believe I never got injured with all the flips and wrecks I was in. Had I.. I would have given it up. He has no idea. When I 1st got paralyzed, my brother was worried about his kids getting hurt skiing and tubing at the lake. I told him to remember how we used to ski and you can't go around in life thinking ''what if'' all the time. The biggest reason I would think hard if I were you is because he now has weakened his neck. You can't shelter him away from everything, but one wrong landing and.... It's really not worth the risk at this point.

    Life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches. It's more like a jar of jalapenos--What you do today might burn your ass tomorrow.

    If you ain't laughing, you ain't living, baby. Carlos Mencia

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    I would say follow your drs advice...if he cant be medically cleared to race..then dont race. If he heals up nicely and can get medical clearance..get to it..but he does need to be educated on the reality of a he will realize what could have happened and could easily happen again...
    C5-6 - 22 years

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    With a bag of bones in his neck, how can he not need surgery? Wouldn't all the pieces be a danger of moving into the spinal cord?
    When I was going 70mph on the highway a deer jumped in front of me and did $10,000 damage to our van. Thank god we didn't get hurt. I was afraid to drive again but everyone said, what are the chances another deer would jump in front of you. So I stopped being afraid.
    If he gets on that bike again his chances are so much higher for another crash. Please don't take that chance on a life without the use of your hands and legs or breathing on your own.

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