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Thread: Hello CareCure Forum Members

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    Hello CareCure Forum Members

    I'd like to introduce myself, I'm new to this forum and to SCI in general. I'm a 36 year old computer professional, married with three kids, living in Michigan. About five months ago, I suffered burst fractures in my T7 and T10 vertebrae in a fall from a snowy roof. I nearly froze to death right there, but fortunately my wife found me out in the snow before hypothermia did me in.

    Off to the hospital, where surgeons removed the two broken vertebrae, fused others, and harvested one of my several broken ribs to fill titanium cylinders replacing the burst vertebrae. After a week of recovery I managed to contract pneumonia in the hospital, which landed me up in ICU for an extra week.

    I then spent six weeks in rehabilitation, and a few weeks after I got home from there I developed a massive DVT in my left leg. Another week in the hospital for drugs and monitoring. Then, less than a week after getting home from the DVT, I managed to snap my left femur in two during a stretching exercise. Another week in the hospital, and more titanium added to my increasingly broken frame.

    So now I'm home again, hopefully for good. I'm telecommuting to work full time which is a good thing. I have no movement below my level of injury (about the bottom of my ribcage), and only very faint feeling in parts of my legs. Things are going reasonably well all things considered, except for the nerve pain, and terrible spasms which are getting worse every day.

    Anyway, I've lurked around a bit here and I'm impressed by the level of activity and quality of posts in these forums. Looks like a lot of good folks sharing similar challenges, and I look forward to participating.

    Thanks for reading my story.

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    Welcome Zero! Glad you found us.
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    Yes, hello and welcome, Zero.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

    No more lurking for you now!

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    Welcome Zero. You've wandered into ground zero for the SCIed.
    "The world will not perish for want of wonders but for want of wonder."

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    Welcome to Care Cure
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    Welcome Zero!!! Sorry you had to find us but glad you did.
    T7 MVA 9/12/04

    Life is just a collection of memories. - C.W. McCall Aurora Borealis

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    Welcome Zero! You have a similar injury to mine-T8 burst fracture from a fall (sleepwalking off the upstairs deck). Did it 8 months ago.


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    Welcome Zero!!!

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    Welcome Zero, I'm new here too and I'm sure you will like it here, and there are many wonderful people here. glad you found us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by momo3
    Welcome Zero! You have a similar injury to mine-T8 burst fracture from a fall (sleepwalking off the upstairs deck). Did it 8 months ago.

    My goodness, what an extraordinary and unfortuante event! Hope you are recovering well.

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