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Thread: Valium (diazepam) for spasms/clonus

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    Valium (diazepam) for spasms/clonus

    Anyone who's taking Valium for spasms, what dosage are you using? Also, has anyone tried it and felt it aggravated the problem instead of helping? My doc suggested trying it again, so I started at 5 mg. three times a day, which I know isn't enough to relax the muscles, but I'm having a tough time telling if I'm more spastic and even more pained, or if those things are just because it's a day that ends with "day." My legs jiggled an awful lot in bed last night when I fidgeted or moved an arm and pulled my blanket (that triggers the leg shaking, but most nights they don't shake as often as last night.) No UTI or sores.

    SCI Nurses, your opinions are welcomed and appreciated, of course.

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    I was prescribed 2 mg (4x a day) This was along with 80m (total) of baclofen. I had no relief, and it made me dizzy, so was discontinued. (This was last summer, before I had a baclofen pump.) It didn;t aggravate the spasticity tho, just no change, and we didn;t try increasing it due to the dizzyness. Dantrium/Dantrolene was more effective for me (also in conjunction with the max amount of oral baclofen I could tolerate) but still didn't do the trick.

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    valium is my buddy. i take 3mg a day and it works pretty well. i found that zanaflex made my spasms worse.
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    PRN here in 5 mg increments. Normally start the day with 5mg and go to sleep with 10mg. I found the best thing for spasms in my legs was getting my foot rests tilted upward at the toes about 5 degrees. Keeps a slight stretch in the calf muscles. Most tennis shoes these days have a one inch heel on it you just don't notice cause it's not separate like regular shoes. The tilt helps even things out.

    And no reasonable amount of valium will stop UTI leg spasms for me. I do take several tablets before dentist visits. Just what I need is my knee into the hand holding the drill in my mouth. Talk to your doc about how many is ok for this.
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    Valium made me real depresave (sp?), xanaflex made my spams better but one time in the hospital (august 06) it made my heart rate drop in the low 30's. xanaflex slows your heart rate. i do take 80mg a day of baclofen, I found that xanax works wonders on my spasms and nerve pain, helps with anxiety and just chills me out.

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    I'm on it but doesn't help me much.
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    i tried valium and all it did was make me incontient. i was taking 2mg 3x a day. now i'm up to 160mg of baclofen a day. it doesnt bother me with side effects either.
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    The Valium made me stooooopid....nothing for the spasms. Zanaflex jus konked me out, and I agree with others it did nothing for the spasms. Baclofen, 120mg/day, is all I take for now. Would love to reduce or quit that as well.

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    Valium keeps me awake, always did, even before I got hit in the head, I guess somethings never change. I've tried it, to put me to sleep, only to be awake for 2-3 days. If I could have walked on the ceilings I would have.

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    Is this in addition to your other anti-spasticity drugs (such as baclofen, Zanaflex, Dantrolene), or was the Valium substituted for them? As low of a dose as possible is important, as Valium can cause physical dependence, and can worsen depression. You must not drink alcohol if you take Valium.

    There are cases, esp. of older people, who have what is called a pardoxical reaction to Valium. Instead of being calming or causing sedation, it actually can make them MORE anxious or agitated. I have not see this when it is used for spascity, but I suppose it is possible.

    I have given as much as 80 mg. of Valium daily for spasticity, but this is a huge dose, and you would have to gradually build up to something that high.


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