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Thread: American Drugs in Egyptian Mummies

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    American Drugs in Egyptian Mummies

    This is one of the most intriging enigmas that I have seen in some time. In a nut shell, a well respected german toxicologist, Dr. Svetla Balabanova, conducted drug tests on ancient egyptian mummies and discovered factual evidence of cocaine, hashish and nicotine use. Not believing her results herself, she sent samples to three other labs for testing (see link at bottom of this post)...and the results confirmed her original finds. During the time of the Pharohs, cocaine and nicotine were only growing in plants located in the Americas. So, how in the world did it get into the hands...not to mention the bodies...of the Egyptians? There can be only one way: the Egyptians travelled there by ship, thousands of years before Columbus did.

    Needless to say, the consequences and ramifications for various fields of science is mindblowing and her discovery was attacked by other scientists after she published her findings. As the link below states, science is a conservative world, although perhaps not in all fields.

    What troubles me a bit is that since Dr. Balabanova made the discovery, it really seems to have disappeared from the radar screens. But it is still very interesting, and it makes me wonder about the possibility of Egyptian influence in the building of the Mesoamerican pyramids for example. Could the Egyptians have traded technological knowhow for coke and smokes? Perhaps they just did what Marco Polo did and brought back the exotic substances as treasure from the new world. You would figure that there would be archiological evidence, in the form of hieroglyphics, proclaiming such a massive least for the first voyages.

    Another transcript taken from a video which interviewed Dr. Balabanova can be read here.
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