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Thread: bearings goning out

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    bearings goning out

    How would i know for sure? I can feel something on the left side, im not sure how to explain it but it sounds dry. It sounds awful. What can I do and how am I gonna be sure whats wrong?
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    Does it seem to be coming from the rear wheels or front casters? If it's the casters, do you feel it while the casters are rolling or when the caster fork swivels?

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    When caster bearings go you will get a clunking feeling when your casters hit a bump. If you tip your chair back and rock the caster fork back and forth you'll get excessive play in the fork, unless the nut is simply loose. When wheel bearings go, you will get binding, poor spinning, grinding noises, clunking sounds, and possibly wheel wobble

    I personally replace all of my bearings, usually once a year. For the $30 or so it is well worth the cost to have a chair that is running smoothly.

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    Hey buddy, is it manual or powerchair and what kind?

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    you've had WAYYYY too many probs w/your chair...this really sucks I think you've really gotten a lemon here...ugh...and if I remember correctly your DME sucks too huh?
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