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Thread: it's amazing the difference an inch or so makes

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikki-k
    I really wish there was a nice comprehensive "setting up your wheelchair" guide...
    I was thinking along those lines a couple of days ago while making some adjustments to my chair. Things like, how one determines what seat to floor height works best and for what reasons. Effect of too much or too little dump, setting length for legs properly, Center of gravity adjustments and so on. One big one that I think the ones who have been in chairs longer may give great insight on is How should a chair "feel" when set up properly. One other point I see made here often is don't trust your measurments to a DME(I think that is the term) they are all idiots, do them yourself. Yet there is no real explanations given on how to go about doing that. If a new injury isn't supposed to trust the "Professional / Idot" how is he/she suppposed to feel comfortable in the chair once it is ordered without a little more supportive information?

    Sorry Scott, Didn't mean to F up your thread, Just had a couple of thoughts on what Nikki said.

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    Wow- so I am not alone!
    I smell a Wiki in the making, but what to call it?
    (and yes- sorry about the bit of a hijack... your original post/question is just one I htink alot of us encounter, and are clueless about. DME's and such just dont...understand...)
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    Thanks Scott and SCI-OTR!

    Scott, answered wrong question, but still valuable feedback.

    nikki and Bake, I think your questions are consistent with this thread. Many of these sorts of threads encourage people to think about their own situations and consider adaptaions they may not have thought otherwise, or just simply toss around ideas which people may find useful.

    I think professional advise/feedback can be very useful, as we have SCI-OTR providing much needed and valuable assistance on this site. There are some who may not know much, nor even care (beyond selling product ASAP), whether they have had experience with dis pop or not, and it can be more difficult when they are working with newly injured who may not know what is best for their needs (or even what their needs and function are at that early stage). So, it does take you, the user, to be as active and involved in the decision-making process as much as possible, and having as much information and understanding of your specific needs as possible, to better equip you with knowing your options. And if threads like this, with feedback from more experienced users, can help guide and direct you, then nothing has been "F' d up"

    (*not to be speaking for scott or anything, but just how I see this and other like threads, and their, sometimes, evolution)

    sidenote: Todd, if you can find any bumps worthy of shouting in CAPS for, you can probably shout it in the loudest, gayest, voice you can muster, and it'll alllll make sense
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    thanks chick.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bake
    Sorry Scott, Didn't mean to F up your thread, Just had a couple of thoughts on what Nikki said.
    nah... not at all. I started the thread to encourage discussion. no worries.

    Quote Originally Posted by nikki-k
    Wow- so I am not alone!
    I smell a Wiki in the making, but what to call it?
    I own already - nothing on it as of yet though.

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    Scott, I was looking at that picture of your back with the measurements and would like to know how stable you feel when you lean back with all four wheels on the ground. Do your shoulders want to keep going back or are they supported? It looks like you have a rather long torso. I have one as well and I'm trying to decide between the low/high Jetstream backs. If I go with the low, I'll have to mount it similar to yours with the space at the bottom and the top of the back hitting right around the same spot as yours. Also, does having that space at the bottom of the back cause you to slide back at all or ever cause any discomfort? My current back touches my cushion.

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    Jaycue -

    I'm plenty stable when leaning back, assuming you're talking about being able to arch my back over the Jetstream. The Jetstream back is lower than my shoulders, but I certainly don't feel like I could go over the top when sitting on the cushion.

    As for chair stability, it's fine. I don't have any problem reaching behind me to pull a door closed by the handle, for example.

    Regarding the space between the back and the cushion - nah, it's not a problem for me, nor uncomfortable. It's really not that much; you can't see in the pic, but my waistband is above the gap & leans on the lower part of the Jetstream... and I'm not the kind of person who wears pants higher than they need to be.


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    it is amazing how much effort must be put into calculating the perfect fit for each individual W/C user. my first GT (which i somehow have nearly destroyed in less than 8 months) was fitted for me in the hospital in less than 20 minutes.... and of course wrong. i just spent 6 hours at Woodrow Wilson Rehab Center (where Greybeard is sighted kicking ass in the PT room) with a therapist who solely evals chairs, and another hour with a seating eval. and in the end, i still am not 100% certain i am going with the right set-up. It seems like this will be a lifetime quest.

    and am i the only one who noticed Scott's Keens? the best shoes ever. pre sci and post.
    Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened

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    I'm less than 45min from WWRC if you're of similar build (I'm 180#, 5'11") & want to play w/ my setup @ all. Which therapist were you working with?

    Yes, Keens are great. I've plugged them a few times around here.

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    scott, you have 10" canes with a 10" back set near the top, and the edge is below your shoulders? my god im short. i have a 14" tilite adj. back, and its below my shoulders, just...

    sorry, a side bar

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    The top of the back is 15" from the seat upholstery (not taking into account a little sag). I have a 2" cushion on top of that, so it's effectively 13" from where I sit. My shoulders are farther away from my butt than that...

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