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Thread: Increased funding available to make homes more wheelchair accessible

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    Increased funding available to make homes more wheelchair accessible

    Increased funding available to make homes more wheelchair accessible
    New program initiatives raise previous caps

    The Truro Daily News

    Truro Daily News

    Truro – More Nova Scotians will be able to apply for funding to make

    their homes wheelchair accessible, thanks to a new provincial funding initiative.

    Known as Access-A-Home, the program is designed to assist wheelchair users in making the exterior of their homes wheelchair accessible.

    One greater advantage over previous programs is the new initiative is geared to assist people who will become wheelchairs users.

    To be eligible for wheelchair accessibility funding under the previous program, applicants needed an annual income of $30,000 or less and required use of a wheelchair .

    The changes mean those making $39,000 or less will now be eligible and people – such as hospital patients undergoing physical rehabilitation – who are anticipated to require a wheelchair, can apply for assistance up to six months in advance.

    The funding maximum has also been increased to $5,000 from $3,000.

    Dan Troke, director of housing with the province, said the additional money should make it easier for homeowners to undergo the necessary renovations.

    “You should be able to complete a ramp for your home for that amount,” he said.

    Marvin Richardson, a local contractor, agreed. While estimates vary with each home, he said, the average cost to construct a wheelchair ramp is about $5,000.

    And although the Access-A-Home program only pays for exterior renovations, Troke said there are numerous other programs available to assist wheelchair users with interior accessibility issues.

    One of those is the Conversion Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program, which offers up to $16,000 in assistance.

    ALS/MND Registry

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    Sounds like a great program its the first ive heard of it, its one that should be implemented into other countries.

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