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Thread: Quads that dont use shower chairs...Questions..

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    Quads that dont use shower chairs...Questions..

    I have been fortunate to always have a roll in shower in every home that I have been in, but we are getting ready to move in 1 week to an apartment that doenst have a roll in shower. The bathroom is very accessible and easy to get into.

    I would like to know how quads transfer onto a shower bench or what other options there may be.

    Other questions:

    Do you do your BP on seperate days as your shower?
    Do you get up in a shower chair for your BP and then transfer to the bench?

    Sorry for the brain farts but Ive never had to deal with this and Im eager to learn what process works.

    BTW...modifying the apartment isnt an option...neither is finding a different one.


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    Do you use a hoist for transfer?
    Is it possible that you can have a detachable mini ramp (aluminium ) built over the shower lip so you can go in with your shower chair?

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    No I dont use a hoist. I have to have help getting into a shower chair.

    The place that Im moving to only has a shower...thats why Im aasking about the tub bench...
    C5-6 - 22 years

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    Options for a tub would include a transfer tub bench similar to these:

    or a sliding shower chair commode combination like this (there are at least 3-4 versions or brands with a similar approach):


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    I can transfer pretty well, but I use a padded tub bench that sits about level with my wheelchair. If you can on a shower chair, you should be able to get on a bench. Getting your legs over the tub may be hard, but just take your time so you don't slip. I do my bp every other day and shower about every day. I sit on the toilet then transfer up to the tub bench, but like I said I'm good at transfers. Depending on your bathroom setup, you may transfer to the shower chair over the toilet to go, then over to the tub bench if they are on the same side of the bathroom. I did this in the past from a commode-chair and it was a very easy, level transfer (just watch out for the hole.)

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    Well... I have a colostomy, but irrigate it, so I still have a BP & do it next to the toilet sitting in my everyday chair. Shower: I use a Quantum bath chair w/ a flat seat. It's super stable and a relatively easy transfer, but I do use a transfer board.

    It's a little spendy but has proven itself worth the cost. I've used it for 2.5yrs now & it shows next to no signs of wear & tear.


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    x2 on the Quantum bath chair with a solid seat.

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    Im a c5-6 also but some would say i guess more of a c8 now

    I transfer to both the toilet and shower chair as they are not near one another. Shower every night and bp every other. bp days.. after the toilet session i hop in the shower after. i use rails that attach to the head of the toilet.

    As for the shower.. im lucky enough to have a tub with sliding doors. i have one door takin off for the shower chair. leaving one on acts as a support for the chair so it doesnt tip back. i use a cheap clear vinyl curtain (keep water in) cut out where the chair is. having it that close to the front wall helps if i lose my balance during transfers and also easy reach to knob and head.

    Ive also used the same setup for tubs with no doors i just make sure there is support in back to keep from tipping because falling sucks !!

    Ive attached pics of the shower setup

    Hope this helps.

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    Keep it simple....bed bath.


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