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Thread: Help IE 7 Restricted Sites

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    Help IE 7 Restricted Sites

    I have IE 7 and I want to restrict a site. Even when I go to security and enter the web address as a restricted site when I type the address the page comes into view. But at the bottom of the screen an icon appears in red with the words restricted site. Help Please.

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    The restricted feature does NOT block websites. What it does do is block the site from doing anything to your computer. i.e. Cookies, active X.. that stuff.
    Now to actually block sites, you need a program like NetNanny, or other filter. OR your router might beable to. Mine does, thus I'd type the addy in it and my router blocks every computer.

    Quick search via the add-ons tab in IE 7 tools gave this:

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    im not sure if this might help but here is something i found useful when i used to want to block a website in particular. this also depends on how computer savvy the individual is that you want
    to block the website from. it also helps me block annoying ads and such.
    if you are using windows (any version up to XP. not sure about Vista)
    you can edit your HOSTS file in your system directory.
    its kinda like a phonebook for IE to find websites.
    is basically like this: 123.456.789.01

    the domain goes on the left (ie:,, etc)
    the IP address goes on the right. if you enter a bogus IP address on the
    right, IE will look for the website at that IP address and never find it. giving
    an error page. i've found this useful at times to block people who would use
    my computer from accessing websites i didnt want them to be at. it's
    pretty useful for blocking one or more particular websites, again depending on
    how much knowledge the user may have.
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