I am a two level cervical incomplete quad four years out. My major problem during that period of time has been relentless spasticity/tone. It has been refractory to ,baclofen pomp, untethering, and almost all known oral medications. I can just barely keep the discomfort off the radar screen with zanaflex every four to five hours. The tone encompasses the upper extremities and anal muscularture. The tone is absolutely incredible and quality of life is eroding. You get the picture.

I had a urinary tract infection, confirmed to be MRSA . Incredibly, for about 48 hours I had 95 percent relief of my tone. I had never felt so good in the last four years. I instantly stopped the zanaflex except for about two pills a day. I had no fever, no urinary spasms, and no weakness. I eventually started Bactrim due to the culture and sensitivities. It struck me too late that the relief was probably due to the staphylococcus. The antibiotic started to work and the tone came back with a vengeance . I can only guess the tremendous relief I experienced was due to a neurotoxin released by the staph.. I wish the hell I had asked the lab to propagate the culture, but the possible answer to my good fortune arrived to me too late. (Nobel Prize for medicine out the window!)

Wise, what do you think? Has this been talked about before? I cannot think of any other explanation for my relief. If I had had significant clinical symptoms with profound weakness, I would have attributed it to just a bad infection. However, I felt wonderful. What I would give for that infection again.

Potential for research?