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Thread: any quads use digital cameras?

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    any quads use digital cameras?

    im a c-6, do any quads use a camera? how do you push the button to take pictures? what camera is best for a quad to use?

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    Kev uses a Panasonic Optio digital camera with no problems is a no frills one.
    He is an incomplete quad though , has some fingers movement.

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    Pushing the button is easy, holding the camera still is the doozey. I have a Canon Powershot S3 IS and I love it! I use the mini tripod that comes with it having it screwed in and a piece of round foam around it to hold. I push the button with my right thumb knuckle and zoom with my right index finger. Also, the screen folds out and can angle up for much easier viewing. That alone sold me on this camera.

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    also, get a camera with a rope handle thing too. its been a boon for me. i just wrap it around my wrist and thumb to hold it. voila!
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    I'm a big fan of using the timer to take pics, set it from 5-30 sec, frame my shot, hold it steady and wait for the timer to run down. I have a hard time keeping my shot framed and pressing the shutter button.
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    i use the 10 sec timer too. hit it on with my tonuge.
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    I was trying to use my old camera today and by the time i was done i was ready to blow a gasket. I used to really enjoy photography. My husband gets my rebel now and i'm using my old crappy one and i'd like to stomp all over it. good thing my legs and feet don't move.

    sorry, just needed to get that out.
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    sony cybershot DSCH2

    it's big but I like it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophania
    i use the 10 sec timer too. hit it on with my tonuge.
    I do something similiar. I put on the timer with my knuckle and just hold it in place.

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