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Thread: Alcohol and Heart

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    Alcohol and Heart

    I overindulged last night and ened up drinking 6 beers. I woke up about 4AM with my heart racing. It slowed down after a couple of minutes but began beating in an unusal pattern. I'm not sure how to describe it except that it felt like heart beat wasn't quite coordinated Like for each beat there were 2 beats one in the upper part of the heart the second in the lower part. This also stopped after a couple of minutes.

    This morning I feel fine - no hangover. Is this related solely to the alcohol? Anybody had this experience? Kinda scary!

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    I would encourage you to call your physician on Monday and tell him/her about this. You should probably have some tests to determine what type of arrthymia you are experiencing and what treatment if any is needed. You may need a Holter monitor which you wear for at least a day, doing your usual activities (including drinking) and keeping a log.

    Keep in mind that chronic heavy alcohol use can cause alcoholic cardiomylopathy. I hope you are not driking this heavily on a regular basis.


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    6 beers is drinking heavily!!!!!!!??????

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    I had the holter test done years ago because I experienced a similar problem. They also did a tilt table test. They injected a drug that sped my heart up and then monitored how it beat . IN my case they never found any problems though. Maybe anemia can cause this.

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    Your right Tim. 6 beers isn't a lot. I can drink a dozen beer standing on my head, and still look for more. Although its rare for me now. Two or three times a year is about my limit.

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    On a daily basis, 6 beers in an evening would be considered excessive.


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