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Thread: Best type of massage???

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    Best type of massage???

    I had plenty of massage therapy in the past, but I was recently given a gift certificate for a one-time massage at a reputable place here in town. They have so many choices and I don't know what kind of massage to ask for. My main problem is that my upper trapezius are always very tight (posture could be better), and my lower trapezius tend to tingle/burn. This was given as a "thank you gift" and is mainly just for relaxation purposes, but if they could do something about these tight muscles I would love it. I know it's just a one-shot visit, but what would be the best form of massage in your opinion?

    Serious answers only, please.

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    When I was in rehab one of my PTs used to work the trigger points to release the tension. She sort of pressed hard and held it for a minute at the points where the sore muscles inserted. It hurt while she did it but the muscles relaxed and felt much better afterwards.

    To be safe I would make sure the person does not press directly hard into where you have any hardware stabilizing your injury.

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    Jeff B gave you good advice. Either a trigger point massage or a swedish massage would probably help. You're right, why not get swome benefit from it while you relax. I would not let them put any pressure directly on any surgical sites, especially around the hardware or fusions.

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    Trigger point X 3, esp if you've got trouble w/ the traps. That type of massage releases a lot of toxins tho, so drink lots of water and stay near a toilet afterwards. It gives me the runs!

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    Thanks all! I am going to make the appointment and enjoy every minute of it : )

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