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Thread: Neurontin effects

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    i'm on neurontin and have significantly reduced my dose cuz i got tired of being 'stupid' and forgetful. the drowsiness went away shortly after i started. i also take nortriptyline(pamelor) to slow or stop the cycle of pain and that helps keep my pain minimal and tolerable.

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    Thumbs down Neurontin, no thanks but..

    Neurontin at low doses put me to sleep; all night, all day. I love a good nights sleep but the low doses did not touch the pain. I took it for weeks and weeks and did not have an effect other than sedation. Overall I sedate pretty easily.
    A couple of years later, my physiatrist recommended lamotrigine (Lamictal) and it really helped the pain with a livable amount of sedation. It worked for a year before the pain increased (probably the growing syrinx) and I started to increase the dose. At a higher dose, I eventually got a drug rash (4 months of rash).
    Next stop was Lyrica which helps. I can't take the dose the doctors suggest because I want to stay awake. At 250 mg. a day I have an acceptable sleepiness and control of the fire in my body.
    You just have to keep trying, different strokes for different folks. I am on a combo therapy of 4 drugs to keep the devil away. It has taken years to find and refine the combination of drugs that help.

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    When I was taken off Neurontin, Nortriptyline became the drug of choice. It worked, and with no side affects that I am aware of. Several months ago I was late in renewing it. Within a week the pain was back. So, it is still working like a charm, and still no side affects.
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