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Thread: Things that kids will say!!!!!

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    Smile Things that kids will say!!!!!

    I would love to hear the things that kids have said and what kids will say. I have had plenty of children ask "What happened to you?" or "Why are you in a wheelchair".

    But the one that really got to me was yesterday leaving my massage and acupuncture place. It is a club that has many activities so I always meet kids there.

    On my way out a 5 year old looked at me and say "Are you broken?" I said yes a little. "How did you get broken?" and another one "Will you ever get unbroken?"
    He was such a cute kid and so concerned. So I spent some time with him (and his mother) answering his constant "broken" questions.

    Let's hear some other ones.

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    Our 3 year old granddaughter insists that if papa just got a new pair of boots like hers, he would be able to walk again.

    She is always saying "I will help you papa, I will help you walk". Breaks my heart.

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    5 yr old g/daughter was fixing my "broken" hand last week by putting hair ties on my fingers

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    Our Grandchildren can not see anything wrong with Kev being w/c bound.
    As far as they are concerned is normal to have w/c.
    The eldest was 25 months when Kev had the accident. Last year another child said that Kev is a criple & Dumitrius (almost 7 years old now ) response was:He's not ,He just has w/c & legs !!
    Bless the Children's innocence & non judgement!

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    Violet broke my heart when she was around 2 after she put a band-aid on my knee, kissed it, and wiggled my legs with her arms "See mommy you alllll bettah now" - still makes me tear up.
    The funniest was a little boy of about 4 years old who Violet and I met at the park, his 2nd question to me was "but how do you cook supper?" - lol boys and their appetites!

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    my little cosion told me when i got home from the hospital she asked me if i would be able to walk agin and i told her probably not and she told me she would walk for me she is sooo cute

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    My niece Serenity saw my legs spasm for the first time a few months ago. She looked wide-eyed at me and goes "Oh NO!" Apparently she thought something was wrong.

    My other niece used to come up and without saying a word or being too obvious, pinch my knee--waiting for me to feel the pain. She gave up I think now.
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    Little kids ask me about why i'm in a wheelchair all the time.

    I tell them that I crossed a street without looking both ways.

    Even though that's not why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoffrey
    I would love to hear the things that kids have said and what kids will say.
    What's been interesting around our house lately is listening to my youngest niece talk to her friends about my disability and how it happened.

    I've used a chair since well before she was born (she just turned 8) and I've always been very honest with her and her sister about what happened to me and what being paralyzed means. I'll answer any question they ask in as much detail as they seem able to understand and are emotionally prepared for. That means that I first told them that I can't walk because I hurt my back and eventually culminated in some detail about being run over (twice). We've had many conversations over the years and I had noticed that my youngest niece was asking more questions in the past year or so, but it's a bit weird to listen to her put it all together and explain it to others.

    She knows exactly what happened and will provide all the gory details to her friends. Not like blood spattering "gory", but still, it's a little disconcerting to hear an 8 yr old talk about broken bones and me almost dying and months in the hospital, etc. I don't mind her talking about it or answering her friends' questions, but I am starting to wonder why she keeps bringing it up. She doesn't seem upset by it or scared or anything. She talks about it like it's a selling point. Her Tia got run over and now has this cool chair and none of her friends can say the same. That's not so bad, but I don't want her thinking that my disability is the single, most interesting thing about me. I'm wondering how I can divert her interest to racing or cats or science-fiction... All things that I find infinitely more interesting than intermittent catheterization and how to get the hair out of one's casters.


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    Quote Originally Posted by C.
    and how to get the hair out of one's casters.
    A pair of hemostats work pretty well. Or remove the caster.... but that's a bit too much effort and time consuming for me.
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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