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    i have wound and my bed's mattress is tempur(overlay)
    .It's good or i need with air?
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    i have an air mattress and i'll never get rid of it. it's incredibly comfortable...i don't even have to reposition myself at night. it's called a dynoflo mattress. i'd recommend it to anyone.
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    Before you go changing overlays or mattresses, I would suggest that you not change anything just for changing it. Overlays are fine for some people and don't work for others. Are you having any problems?

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    is very comfortable but i have bedsore above coxys and the overlay is just 5-6 cm so i don't know if reduce the pressure enough.

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    If you have a pressure ulcer, you probably need to look at the overlay you are using. I would tell you that air types generally work well, however you may need to see what your insurance covers.
    Also, make sure that you turn frequently enough, stay off of that area, both in bed and try to get the pressure off of it when you sit. Also avoid tight pants or anything that constricts the area.
    There are several different wound products, however you don't say what the area looks like or if you are using anything on it.

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    was your wound CAUSED by laying in the bed or did you get it elsewhere?
    There are quads here who use Tempur overlays with no problem.
    The main thing is how succeptable your skin is to breakdown. If you get breakdown regularly/easily, then you have to be diligent with weight shifts, changing positions in bed and careful when transferring.
    Eat a healthy diet, plenty of water, stay away from processed foods, sugar(processed, not fruit), and get exercise that raises your heartrate(cardio) all these will optimize you health in general and ability to heal also.
    You may be laying on a sloped surface which causes shear, that was how I got pressure sores at that area. FUTON= no-no for laying on, lol.
    If you have such shear inducing surfaces, either change them or use sheepskin under that area to reduce shear.
    It may be caused by improper seating and/or chair setup wrong.
    Find out WHAT caused it and change it.

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    this promblem started for the firsts days of my accident but was unter control.Before one month my caregiver told my that was very bad(very much ,hard,white tissue) and i told one nurse who is special to start make.He used peroxide with gauze to scratch and take out the white skin ,after he put sorbalgon and after close with soft gauze.this he did 2 time per day for 20 days.when he took out all the white the hole was little before the bonne.After i did examination and he told me that i need antibiotic because i had infection.Now he wash with sodium chloride and he put sorbalgon but he change every 2 days.The result for 10 days is very very good.The bedsore has red,"alive" colour.He told me also about the overlay maybe is not good

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    It sounds as though the wound is healing so that is good. Are you turning frequently enough at night? DO you do weight shifts frequently (every 30 minutes)? What type of clothing are you wearing- is it tight on that area.
    Capn's advice about taking good care of yourself is right on- also, include in that advice that you need to make sure you are getting enough protein each day. You need more than someone who does not have a pressure ulcer. You might want to check with a registered dietician to see what they recomend given your height and weight. DO you have a SCI doc? Are you followed by a rehab program? Both of these groups are a good place to start when you are looking to replace equipment.

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