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Thread: Graduation Pictures

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    Graduation Pictures

    So, I know I haven't been around as much in the past couple of years - mainly because I've been slammed trying to finish up school. However, after YEARS of taking 1-2 classes per semester at night while working 50+ hours a week, having my injury, the time off after injury, and a few years post-injury in school full time...

    I FINALLY GRADUATED from North Carolina State University with a B.A. in Political Science. I'm proud and thought I'd share a few pictures.
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    WOW!!!!!!!! HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT BRO!! Congrats and GREAT JOB TO YOU for sticking in there You kick major ass (___)___) Lex

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    Congratulations !!

    Any plans on how you'll put it to good use?

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    Congratulations, You should be very proud of yourself. What field are you going into?

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    AWESOME JOB! Great pictures and even greater achievement!
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    Hey mate,, it's really good to know that you have completed what you had aimed for and that will make everyone around you proud of your achievment. Keep up the fighting spirit and ATB.
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    Congrats JDR ..... there were probably many days when you wondered if it was worth all the pain and frustration .... judging by the looks on all your faces it clearly was .... savour your moment ......

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    Congratulations JDR!! Major accomplishment there!! Thanks for posting the pics!


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    Congratulations on a job well done. What are your job prospects? You only have another 30 to 40 yrs to work before retirement. Good luck!

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    Congrats Justin, that's awesome. Thanks for sharing the pics. Now you can relax and enjoy the summer.

    Let's go Mountaineers!! lol

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