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Thread: Moody's adoption thread :D

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    Talking Adoption

    Hello all. Some of you may know of my husband's and my fertility issues...we have been trying a long time and had several losses. Well we are tired and need time off but still want to build our family. So we are looking into adoption. We have signed with an agency and plan to adopt an infant from Guatemala. I am sooooooo excited!

    There is a year or so ahead of us before we get "there" but I am intrested in hearing about international adoptions from people who have SCI (or anyone else for that matter). The agency says its no trouble, that they have many clients who use a w/c.

    Anyone else adopt?
    - Moody

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    How exciting, if for some reason I couldn't get pregnant I would totally adopt! I think theres someone in the family forum (robin?...?) who just adopted. And I saw an episode of 'Adoption Stories' on Discovery Health Channel where a man with a SCI and his wife adopted.

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    I had a friend was adopted internationally from an orphanage in India. I also used to work at an afterschool program where there were two different families that had adopted children from the Soviet Union. I also had an occupational therapist who adopted a child from their also. I still have contact with the OT and I'm currently taking my intern seminar class with the friend from India, if you have any specific questions I don't mind asking them about it. My OT had two natural children of her own after she and her husband adopted Max. None of them have an SCI , but I can get adoption info for you. The one thing I do know is that it is a very expensive process compared to adopting within the states.
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    I have 3 friends who have all adopted babies from China. One of them has gone through the process twice. A friend of mine in Kentucky adopted all 6 of her children but they were U.S. One of my best friends in NJ refused to go the adoption route, they went the surrogacy route instead (I carried their twins for them, there was a possibility with all the PA laws that they would have had to adopt them after birth, ended up not happening thank goodness) All of my friends who adopted went through a ton of paperwork, homestudies, etc. but I know they'd all tell you that it was very worth it. My friend who's been to China twice was talking about Guatemala a year ago but they hadn't gone that route yet.

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    my wife and I just adopted a little girl from China. See the post “I'm going to be a dad". She is super smart! We went with an adoption agency that was very reasonable and has a good relationship with the agencies in China. (I know you mentioned Guatemala, but I am just sharing my experiences.)

    The whole process took about a year and the overall cost was right around $20,000. Be careful not to go with an agency that just cares about taking your money! My wife and mother-in-law traveled to China to pick her up in June and had to stay for 10 days.

    Anyway, good luck and go for it! It will totally change your life.

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    Moody! I'm so glad to hear your news! I know this has been a long struggle for you. Please be sure to keep us up to date!

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    In Norway it is very difficult for disable people to adopt. You have to have perfect health. And they say it is the country you want to adopt from who decides that, not the norwegian agency. But most of the people here make adoptions from China, India, Thailand, Korea and Columbia.
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    Thanks everyone for the support! I am really excited. So far we are doing the dossier and our homestudy is in 2 weeks. We hope to be "paper ready" by the end of summer or before. But EEEEEK! I am in a special place called paperwork HELL. I really didnt expect it to be this awful, but it will have a good outcome that is well worth the strained eyes, sore neck muscles, writers cramp and suicidal urges (kidding).

    SO we expect our baby to be home with in a year. WOOHOO!
    - Moody

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    u know how happy i am for u !!

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