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Thread: quads in college

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    quads in college

    I have recieved the o.k. from bvr to attend college this fall. They asked what type of equip. i will need. What are some of the things that make it easier. I have requested a laptop computer, dragon, printer/scan, mini recorder, note takers, klick pen holder, utensil holders,and flash drive. Please help with any helpful advice...Thanks SAM

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    Damn, NIce college, mine would have said, go f yourself and hope OVR pays for it hah. When I first started back college I requested a desk be placed in every room I'll be going to so I can just roll up to it. That took a good 2 months to get that in motion and just ended up flipping around the regular desks and using it.

    I'm sure you'll do great in college, goodluck!
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    Make sure your classrooms are easily accessible. They had to move one of my classes from one building that wasn't easily accessible, and give me keys to two different elevators.

    Currently I have been taking some internet classes (yes they are accredited) and you can't get more accessible than that, check to see if your school offers any.
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    yes, i do online courses as well, and i find them much better for my life style, but you do what works for you. congrats!
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    I went back to school this past fall -- and ran into a few obstacles both As a result of lack of accessibility and health problems. keep in mind I could only find funding at a state school -- so a private institution may be more accommodating.

    just a few stray thoughts ---

    --get in touch with the office of disabilities and let them know your needs

    -- get a backup hard drive/external drive... in case the laptop goes

    -- it's good to have the campus security number in case the elevators and or ramp entrances are locked...or someone needs to shovel ice --

    -- if you can find a friend or someone who brings a computer to class -- I found it easier to ask for notes from them versus getting someone to photocopy their handwritten notes or use a recorder.

    -- I found reading the text and/or chapters before class and typing up a summary/dictating a summary to the computer... helped to keep my mind fresh to what I just read instead of struggling to flip through the pages during class.

    --check to see if the bathrooms are accessible

    --... keep in mind I was a super procrastinator before injury and would most likely stay up late nights before an exam or paper -- now I try to get papers done as soon as possible in case a health problem arises... it eases anxiety or least for me

    best of luck -- I'm still navigating the system myself an open to advice.

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    Congrats to all of those attending college. Outstanding!

    Education and the career(s) that follow will be plentiful and rewarding.

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    How about a accessible desk to do your work at at home or at your dorm room? what would make your life easier?
    Do you have enough income to support you getting something to eat while your at school? how about bvr helping with a food card.
    Do you need a personal assistant to meet you at school to help w note taking? Or can you get notes from a classmate. A good way is to bring carbon copy paper tto class, find a good note taker and ask them to stick carbon under their paper, or copy notes after class, or take notes on their laptop, and u get the file electronically from them with your flash drive or cd rom. Can bvr help pay for a copy card? Or does disability services pay note takers. can disability services scan your text books for you, so you can just have it on your laptop and copy and paste inportant information to study in your notes? bvr can pay disability services to help provide the ability to get these services. dragon naturally speaking can read your book to you then, if its tedious reading or hard to handle (heavy).
    Do you need help eating?
    do you need help emptying leg bag, if so does disability services have attendants that can help you or do u need a pca to help?
    do u need help getting your books out in class from your back pack? would a palm pilot help you to be able to take notes independantly in class, etc, if so, bvr could help pay for this.
    could an assistance dog help you more, if you drop something on the floor or need the door opened?
    if your insurance wont pay for a shower chair, or lift to transfer you, how about bvr. etc etc........
    how are you actually getting to school? are u living in a dorm room, or are you riding the bus to school? do you need financial help to pay for the bus passes/tickets?
    do you have a vehicle that you can drive but needs adapted? bvr can help....
    try not to limit yourself to the basics.......of only computer equipment while in school. all these things can take a toll of stress on your school work and really affect your performance, grades, and health so having this extra help allready planned will help a lot and make u happy. get what you want in writing, put it in your individual development plan or vocational goals with your counselor. Counselors like you to tell them your needs upfront when doing your idp, that way you dont have to have them do an addendum to your plan. funding runs scarce these days. use all you can to better your educational experience, they are there to help you.

    BSChilds, I am from Ohio also and know bvr backwards and forwards and will try to help you if you need it, ok? give me a message if you want.

    These are just a few things I (and other quads i know) went thru and got some kind of help with when I was in college and/or searching for a job or when I first started working part time as an Intern while in college.....I lived on ssdi. it was bvr and other sources who helped me to be who i am today. GOOD LUCK!! Have Fun!
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    I'd start getting things in motion with the Office of Student Disabilities at your school as soon as you can. Like Cory mentioned, it takes them some time to make sure things are set up for you. Go in, let them see what you're capable of, and give them detailed explanations of what you'll need. Sometimes they don't quite understand. I've never personally had any problems on my campus with accessibility. I hope you're as lucky!

    Another thing I would suggest is emailing each of your professors to let them know what you'll need too. I think it's only fair that they have a chance to prepare too. My first year my first media professor didn't have a clue that he would have a disabled student & had the room set up so it was completely hard for me to get to a good workable seat--but the next class period, he had it changed. I think he was a bit embarrassed about it actually.
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