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Thread: Beach Chairs

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    Beach Chairs

    Any recommendations one way or the other? I am going to be buying three of them for a camp - so they need to be sturdy and hold up well to abuse. 1 will be primarily for kids, 1 primarily for bigger adults, and the other just for regular folk. If we get a good price hope to buy more than 3.


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    sand or gravel?
    lake or ocean?
    Does it need to go into the water or just stay on land?
    Can your consumers transfer on their own?

    There are a number of wheelchair beach chairs.
    Do a search and speak to the manufacturer direct, perhaps they'll give you a break on cost.
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    good questions

    mostly sand, but also gravel
    public beach, inland lake
    ideally go into the water
    no idea who will actually use them, buying them in part for ADA compliance, but also simply because we think we should

    may buy 3 from same company, or from different companies to get multiple use chairs

    last one purchased broke after 3 weeks of use, but they have hopefully improved design in last 5 years

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