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Thread: Inflatable Bathtub?

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    Inflatable Bathtub?

    Has anyone tried an inflatable bathtub? My brother (who has a c4 or 5 incomplete and has lost his ability to stand) has been stuck with sponge baths for quite a while. They tried a shower transfer chair but it was "too flimsy". I saw this on the internet (at it's called the EZ Bathe Inflatable Bathtub) and wondered if anyone's tried it. Otherwise my family will have to find $6000 to renovate the house to make a roll-in shower. Any thoughts?

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    Here is what we use, most insurance co. cover it, but i could not afford a new bath room and it really works out great, good luck.

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    My thought is that your brother needs to bathe in a bathroom - not only for health reasons but also for his mental well-being. I would urge your family to explore funding options to make the bathroom accessible or look into more durable bath benches that can be used with a tub.

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    There are better quality shower chairs. Which one did you try? How is he transferred? These inflatable tubs work for some, but they are a pain in the neck to set up, take down and store, and you still have to have some place to drain the water. I would recommend getting a better shower chair if at all possible. A roll-in shower is ideal, but certainly not required.

    Did he have a home evaluation prior to discharge from rehab? What was recommended at that time for his bathing?


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