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Thread: MS Drugs

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    MS Drugs

    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know if drugs used to treat MS (other than 4AP) are also being prescribed for SCI patients.

    Thank You

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    What drugs are you referring to? If you mean the CRABs (Copaxone, Rebif, Axonex and Betaseron) plus Tysabri, I am not sure what you would be trying to achieve.

    These drugs are used to modulate the auto-immune effects of MS on the myelin and axons in people with MS, primarily for those with RRMS (remitting-relapsing MS). I have seen no evidence that there is an auto-immune component to SCI, even in the acute stages. They all have the potential for pretty serious side effects, and are all very expensive (from $11,000-20,000 annually). Even many people with MS choose not to take them due to this.

    I can't imagine an insurance approving them for someone without MS, and would not waste my money on them.

    People with MS and SCI do take a lot of other drugs in common (esp. for people with MS who have a lot of spinal cord lesions). This includes drugs such as baclofen and tizanadine, as well as bladder meds like Ditropan, Detrol, Sanctura, etc.


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    Has anybody tried Copaxone and 4-ap.

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