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Thread: Powerchair question?

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    Powerchair question?

    Im sitting here looking,gathering up some info on powerchairs and ihave a question...

    Which design is better in a semi offroad situation...rear wheel drive (Like a Storm series) or an Invacare TDX5 centre wheel drive?

    I cant remember the name of the one with air filled knobby tires..but,is the only difference between it a TDX5 just basically the wheels?...Hope this makes sense,im powerchair illterate..

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    rear is better offroad; center you have to think more about what you do (or you'll get stuck), but it's workable.

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    The TDX models are horrible off-road, even on road can be a problem when the terrain is wet or rough. I had a TDX, but now use a a Frontier X5 outside to go fishing, hunting and whatever. The TDx is a great indoor and manicured lawn chair.

    Its more than just swapping out the tires, Its also the geometry of the wheel locations. The X5 has incredible amounts of torque compared to the TDX. My X5 has never overheated like the TDX has. (I have fun doing wheelies and powerslides in it too)

    This past week I used my X5 to carry my fat arse with my daughter on my lap and my nephew on my shoulders while pulling a 100 lb trailer across uneven terrain and 8" high field grass for nearly a mile! The freaking chair is amazing. I also does suprisingly well in the house. Its a little larger than the TDX, but VERY nimble with even more responsive controls.

    Check it out buddy, as much as you do out in the wild, you would not regret one!

    That chair has opened up a whole new world for me!


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    The Frontier! Thats the one i was thinking of..I actually tried one last summer,it was pretty cool...but it sat so high transfering was a pain (it also had tilt,without all that tilt crap it would sit lower right?) I couldnt get it in my Van,so it would have to be trailered everywhere and that sucks..It is very cool,and deffinately an option for me....i dont know how practical though.I may not just be experienced enough though..How do you find it real world wise compared to the TDX?

    Scott you dont find the rear wheel ones tippy? Like your motorin along and hit a gopher hole sorta a tippy.

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    i have a tdx4 right now that i'm about to scrap b/c i beat on it pretty well & it just can't hold up to abuse. my old ranger x was tippy, yes, but had little roller blade wheels on spring-loaded bars on the back that kept it from ever flopping over. nothing to worry about there.

    i doubt i'll get another "everyday" power chair & just stick w/ the manual one. if i get another power someday it'll have to be for the sole purpose of going places my manual can't.

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    It does great in the real world. Its as nimble or as aggressive as you want it to be. ( I wish I could find a woman like that! LOL) I haven't found one place the X5 can't go that the TDX can. I've found a TON of places the opposite though!

    Why can't you get it in your van? Mine enters my doors just fine. I don't have all the tilt stuff though. I have a manual recline back that comes standard. Its works like the old VW an Volvo front seat recliners where you had to turn the knob. The headrest is removable, maybe that would do the trick. It does sit a little higher than my manual, but only an inch or so.

    I put slime in the tires and ....Knock wood....I haven't had one flat.

    I love the beast!

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    Hey Shaun,

    Here's another for the X5.

    For overall performance, don't think you can beat MWD chairs. I have been in spots that have layed me back on the rear casters and I just keep on climbing.(it was spooky as shit the 1st time it happened ).

    I have the X5 for outoor, non-pavement use, but once I'm in it I pretty much stay in it for the duration. This means it fits anywhere I need it in my house, in my motorhome, you name it. It will do fine-tune turns in some very tight spots. I tend to "whack shit" a little more(door frames, etc) but usually 'cause I don't "downshift" when I should.

    For my main use of it, I don't think it can be beat. We went to my brothers ranch over Memorial weekend, and it went everywhere I could think to take it. It even climbed this hill we call blasthouse hill, that is one steep mutha. I "geared down" to 3rd and climbed like nobodys business. Here are some pics:

    The 2 "road" pics are of blasthouse hill, which overall is about 1/2 mile long. The fishing point pic is where I took the X5, to then take the pic "behind" of the jumper.

    edit: it fits fine in my van. I back it in to setup for xfering to driver seat. didn't think it would do a 180 inside, but my wife did it by moving my driver seat all the way forward, surprised me. It does sit a little high, I have tilt(highly recommend it, I used it big time coming back down blasthouse hill). So getting under tables can be a little tough, but usually I find my knees fit, but the joystick is what stops me.
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    Thats what im talking pics McD!

    So if you have the tilt,and Dave doesnt have the tilt....what are chances of me getting a pic of guys up against the X5 at the spot where you would transfer from? Leaving the smallest gap to know what i mean? What is seat to floor height?

    McD when you were coming back down that hill,would just reclining the backrest maybe work?

    I know im up again for a new chair (having bought my own ZRA) the funding will be there,i just have to make sure i can sell the X5 as ''practical''..

    Dave you have a Ford350 as will correct? How wide is your lift? Can you turn your X5 in your van (not a 360..but maybe like a 180)?

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    STF on an X5 with the rehab seat pan is 20.75. Overall width from wheel to wheel is 28".

    While I am generally cautious about recommending low volume off-road powerchairs, I like the X5 because it's design works, yet is very simple. Even though it is made in Australia and imported by a materials handling equipment company in Angola IN, a local DME should still be able to fix most problems.

    You may want to give Innovation In Motion a call at 800-327-0681 and see if they may have an engineering special to lower the STF. They were helpful modifying the seating system of one I ordered for a veteran who was 6'8" tall.

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    I aim to please, o'l buddy, o'l pal.

    I xfer from the side. The seat height (w/o hipro roho) is 20.5".

    Coming down the hill, recline "might" have worked. It was steep enough, I might have wanted the optional seatbelt w/o tilt. But probably would be ok. I will try it next time I am there, but might be awhile.

    edit: my seat base is kinda "custom". I originally ordered the std MPD seating. When I spent 4 days on it at the NASCAR races, it gave me a pressure sore. I went to order a "rehab" base from them, but they wanted $549, Fhuck that! I had a local college cutdown the base for me to a flat hard base for a Roho. Works great. So order what you want the 1st time. Also, the MPD seat base has side bolsters that stick up about 2" with metal supports, makes xfering much tougher. Go for the rehab base, but I like the MPD back ok, rater than some custom rehab back.
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