This might be better off posted in Life, but I'll try here first.

In a nutshell, how does the funding or Medicare/Medicaid system work when it comes to getting a vehicle? For example, a van, car or simply hand controls? Is this a contentious subject sometimes? I know some vehicles and conversions can be bloody expensive.....

Also, I take it that 'alternative' forms of transportation that might be viewed as 'recreational' or a 'luxury' item are not funded in any way. I can't help but think that's a bit unfair in principle. I know that if I ever sustained an SCI, I would still want to ride a motorcycle (its just an incurable itch with me) by any and all means possible, and I know that regardless of the level of injury, technology can do really remarkable things.

So my main question is a) how does the system work and b) if said system would fund a motorcycle or some similar open air vehicle (trike, Can-Am, sidecar), would you want to take advantage of it even if it meant not getting a car/truck/van instead?