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Thread: Abnormal Signal in the spinal cord after MRI?????Spasams??

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    Abnormal Signal in the spinal cord after MRI?????Spasams??


    Can anyone tell me if they have heard of abnormal Signal in the spinal cord? I was sent for a MRI my complaint was increased spsams in my right leg and a type of nerve twitch in my right foot usually when resting. The twitching is so bad at night it keeps me up 2 months ago I stopped taking all my medication and I have to say I never felt since my accident untill this twitching in my leg started. So of to the doctor and 1 MRI later I received a letter from my doctor saying they had found Abnormal signal from my SC????
    and no other explenation so I called and the nurse gave me a appointment because the DR wanted to see me I aasume in reguards to the letter can they be anymore vague.

    Any sugestions about the leg twitching, increased spasams usually when trying to stand or the Abnormal Signal fron the SC would be greatley appreciated.

    As always thank you to everyone for there input
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    ANy change in position can increase your spasms, so standing may be a trigger for you. Since you came off of your medications, I am not surprised that the spasms increased. However, given that your MRI does not sound normal, that could also be increasing your spasms.

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    i got my MRI. AND EVEN A CONTRAST MRI of my spine,it showed BULGE IN MY LUBER SPINE DISC-L4,L5 and S2,S5..i hve been suffering since nov 06,had lot of pain killers and physio therepy's.but now since 22nd of april i started my pain again in the lumber spine area,which gave me imense pain in my left leg.n now the dr.says its become cronic n sciatice..i cant walk cant sit for long,,im talikng some pain killers but they reacted on me and i feel drowsy with them all the time..

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    Smile plz advise on my treatment

    im dolly,frm india, i have been suffering frm SLIPDISC-L4,L5 nd S2,S5..with now my nerve root getting pressed of the left leg..which has turned to SCIATICA..
    ive been on treatment since NOV'06,I WAS TOTALL BED REST for 3months..cud not move at all.buteventually got lot of treatments done
    i havegot physio therepy, some kind of needle treatment ,with Manuepulation, but it got things worse..den eventually bed rest n pain killers
    then i started moving around in was jst ok i was not very active thou,now again since 22nd APRILL im on bed rest n Therepy's ..but after 6weeks of therepy my back pain gotbetter,but it worsened my left leg pain,docter says its become cronic sciatica,im young n have kids n cant do anything on my own.
    i get dipressed all the time .plz suggest wats the best i can do ..ill be greatfull..
    thank you..

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    I am so sorry to hear of the problems you are having. You say that you have had treatments, but don't say what they are, other than some type of needle treatment- was that acupuncture? What type of manipulation?
    Have you tried any type of disc surgery or procedures?
    Please try to give as much info- it will help make the information that you get back clearer.

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