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Thread: Supra pubic catheter

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    Unhappy Supra pubic catheter

    I had just had my supra pubic catheter placed on April 2ND and I let the nurse change it on May 31st and was in the hospital due to bleeding and severe pain, we found out that the nurse who placed the catheter had not put it in properly and also the hospital left it out longer then 10 minutes after I told them if they were to take it out it needed to be replaced right away. I had waited 2 hours before they actually said, "oh yeah the urologist said it needed to be replaced within 10 minutes, and even after the 2 hours they tried to put it back with no luck! my urologist wants to try and put it back in on June 4th but I am afraid. he said he will use the same incision but doesn't that mean he still has to cut into me since the site is already closed? it took me 1 good week to start feeling better and I don't want to have to deal with the healing all over again, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    It would be rare for the urologist to have to cut anymore this long after having a SP placed, unless it has been out days/weeks. This is why it is so critical that you have someone who knows what they are doing when changing a SP, both within the first 1-2 months after insertion and long term. Your urologist is the best person to ask this question at this time.


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    that is orginally what I had thought, by the time I get the procedure again it would be out about 5 days.and is getting done under general anestisia again which is why I was wondering if they actually had to do anymore cutting to replace my sp. and if not doing any surgery why under General. I had called their office on friday to verify and they said its possible all they had to do was an ultrasound but by the looks of it my sp has healed up
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    Angeleyes22, you may want to visit your urologist to have your SPC changed every month. I ended up in the ER May 20th with a BP of 188/100 because the home health nurse screwed up my SP tube change.

    Best of luck to you with your second surgery. I hope all those problems clear up for you.
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    If a new SP tube has been out days (see above) then more surgery may be needed to replace it.

    Never have anyone but a urologist change a SP the first few months you have it.


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    I have learnt my lesson thats for sure. when I went to the hospital my bp was 190/100 so it was pretty scarry as well for me. the SP is the best bladder management for me which is why I am getting it done again. I had the urethral foley in and its really a pain. but when I went to the hospital they acted like they never saw it before, are Supra pubic catheters that rare that they didnt know how to take care of it to the fact it would cause all these problems with doctors? and thank you Saorsa, I hate having set backs to recovery but seems Im not quite there yet due to my injury.
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    My son has a supra-pubic and I change it on an average of every 10 days due to bladder crystals which are normal. Your urologist should train you and your family, the change is extremely easy, flushing every day or so is the key to knowing when the time to change is coming, then you can avoid AD symptoms. Knock on wood, it's been a year and no problems.

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    My husband tried to change it before I had to go to the ER, but no luck. we think the nurse didnt inflate it correctly because my husband was only able to wirthdrawl 2cc but wasnt able to put the sp back without force and making me bleed so he did not feel comfortable trying any farther. would not inflating the balloon in the catheter correctly cause the sp site to close since it was not in the bladder?
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    Supra pubic catheter - CHANGE IT YOURSELF?

    I too had many serious and frightening complications in the beginning. I am quadraplegic/arm and wrist movement. I figured out how to 'place' it myself; so it's consistent, it's gentle, and it's right. No problems anymore. Here's how:

    I keep a sheet propped up so Aide never sees my abdomen for my own privacy.
    Place chux to my left on bed.
    Aide puts on gloves, opens insertion tray. Opens packaged catheter on attaching end without touching it and hands to me.
    Leg bag is in sight on my left side on chux. Aide deflates cath bulb/I stay covered.
    Aide turns her back to me, I remove cath, place tip end on chux and fold chux over it.
    I remove cath from package/it slips right out. I hold it between my thumbs and insert it to right depth, about 2 inches for me, at correct angle. Shield self w/sheet.
    Aide unattaches old cath from leg bag and attaches new.
    Aide inflates bulb.
    Aide hands me qtip with bacitracin/followed by I remove 4x4 from opened package she holds without touching 4x4; she hands me short pieces of tape I afix to 4x4.

    It's consistent/it's private. I'm the boss.

    I also drink 12 oz of Light Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice every day/it's my religion!

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    Once the track for the sp tube is established (2-4 months) after the intial surgery, you and your family should be able to change it. It is easier to change than a foley. Unfortunately you learned this the hard way.
    Regarding the hospital knowing how to take care of a sp tube- it is not that uncommon. If the nurse did not know how to take care of it, she should have asked for help.

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