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Thread: Do Quads drive from power or manual chairs?

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    i'm a c6/c7 manual chair for me i don't want to get lazy. i drive a 2001 325ci bmw and a 1987 monte carlo lowrider. i have triceps and wrist no fingers.
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    I have a strong right tricep and good wrist flexers, so my situation is a little different, but when I first started driving my transfers were horrible. Years later it takes me about 60 seconds to get in and out of a car. If you really want to know what you are made of go out there and start trying. Necessity is the mother of invention.

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    I'm c6/7 incomplete and I transfer into my ramp vans driver seat. Never been in a power chair.


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    Like everyone here always say every injury and situation is different find what works best for you. I drive from pwr wc all the time. I also have a manual wc that i use sometimes.
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    I am c6 c7 i drive my econoline 150 conversion van from a ti-lite evo with ez lock and even when in am not driving still in the same chair. Dont want 2 get lazy thats y i dont want a power chair. The lock only weights 20 lbs. I also drive a 2006 dodge charger daytona i just transfer into driver seat.

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    When I was taking driving lessons and eventually my driving test, I drove from my wc and I did not like it, if I had a van I'd do the transfer to the drivers seat.

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    first i've seen this thread (realize it's old thread with some new input). just want to say i think it silly to equate p/c to lazy as a couple of posts imply. i was in manual exclusively first 6 yrs (c7, asia b). p/c decision was made when i became pregnant.

    since then, my ability to offroad in chair, steep hills, fatigue levels, etc. have made it obvious the advantages TO ME of the p/c. ntm, the job stuff.

    anyway, having said that, back in 07 on this thread, sounded like somebody thought p/c users were stuck w/full size van. hasn't been true for...well...20 yrs? i've had 3 minivans since early 90's, all Dodge or Chrysler, all driven from p/c w/ez lock, all vantage (whatever their current acronym is) conversions. when i bought my latest one (2005) sienna wasn't being converted by vantage (vms...i think they go by ).

    anyway, you just have to find what works for you. i use a u shaped thing on steering wheel, for example, but guess that doesn't work if you don't have wrist function.

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    Man im a C5 complete say no more, ive been injured 2 years now,as soon as i got out of hostipal it was the first thing on my list i bought my car (hehe current out put 357hp) got my mods done and got straight in to it, being injured has hasent changed me im still a gear head. As for puliing apart my chair i leave it up to someone else with the fingers. Its year scence i bought my car and ive got my last lesson tomorrow then my final test, its been one of the hardest things ill ever do in my life my just to able to drive a car again(legally)will be ausome. Once ive got my licence im off to the drags see what 1/4 mile time i can pull off lol

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