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Thread: Any gardeners here?

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    Any gardeners here?

    First of all I am no farmer, but think it would be cool to get something going in the backyard and my three-year-old daughter would get into it as well with my wife doing the fun labor. We purchased some tomato and bell pepper plants along with some miscellaneous seeds. I know it's probably kind of late in the year to start germinating seeds, but here in Florida it is pretty warm most of the year.

    So without really researching much we now have 8 tomato plants and 6 bell peppers. I have no idea how much produce that alone will yield, but I am assuming more than we will need. I figure this year we can see how it goes and plant accordingly next year. From seed we would probably attempt some cucumbers, beets, broccoli, and maybe sweet corn.

    Real estate is not really a problem I just don't know how big to make this thing. I was thinking maybe 12' X 20' for starters . I've been looking at plant spacing and now realize you could really get carried away on garden size. We went to Lowe's and purchased fabric and other miscellaneous stuff we would need. I'm trying to make this thing as easy on my wife as possible. The garden will be near our well and I found a device for $20 that will allow water to flow from a spigot to a sprinkler for a selectable duration and frequency. That's pretty bad ass I think. I could have a hose buried at the well and pop up at the edge of the garden so watering could be all automated without having to move a hose when my yard guy comes to mow.

    I've got someone with a tiller and we could get this thing going over the weekend. Does anyone have any input or recommendations?


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    I'm really starting to like the deal my husband made for me this year. It's two livestock tanks (8' x 3' x 2') filled with soil & manure (and has drainage holes in the bottom) so I can garden without having to crawl around in the dirt and on the concrete like I had to the last couple of summers. He's also going to place stepping stones around the tank so I can roll around in between them. This should allow me to reach/pick more stuff this summer. (I also think he did this so he doesn't have to bend over so far to do stuff! ) These tanks appear to be about the right size. We have planted tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, squash, cucumbers, and zuchinni in them and we'll just have to wait and see what happens with them. All of the plants seem to be doing well so far.

    As for watering, we bought a little $30 timer from the local Wal-Mart and hooked it up to a soaker hose. It does pretty good for keeping it watered (a little too good at times)

    Now, we cannot take credit for this idea - my neighbor told us about a story in the local newspaper where someone else did this.

    What else are you thinking about growing?

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    Pumpkins! You can give away or sell road-side whatever you have too much of ... what a great project for your daughter!
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    With that selection ya gotta have onions! I'd grow herbs too. Loving the livestock tank idea...

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    Quote Originally Posted by amarillogal
    I'm really starting to like the deal my husband made for me this year. It's two livestock tanks (8' x 3' x 2') filled with soil & manure (and has drainage holes in the bottom) so I can garden without having to crawl around in the dirt and on the concrete like I had to the last couple of summers. He's also going to place stepping stones around the tank so I can roll around in between them.
    I LOVE that. Can you post a photograph?

    Where I live the big issue is trying to cut everything back before it swallows the damn house. I have a theory that the blackberries growing everywhere around here (in back yards, front yards, on the sides of freeways, in parking lots, in the woods, in the parks, everywhere) are really just one enormous mother of a plant. This would explain why it's completely impossible to uproot them . . . you can pull for days and the thing just keeps going.

    My own gardening is confined to flowers, plus some rhubarb which the slugs get to before me every year.

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    I have a small veg garden. My gf and I had fresh potatoes and squash for the holiday. It was great. I have lots of tomatoes on. Had some fried green tomatoes for dinner yesterday. Yumm. A few days of rain would do wonders.

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    I should be able to post some pictures of the garden early next week

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    Ihave a vegie garden every year. This year I have expanded it ALOT. I also got over 50 tires that I use to make planters out of. I stack them so that I have two tires stacked on each other. I have my potatoes in stacks of three. I will take the produce I get from the garden and not only eat it fresh, but also can it so I will have some for the winter.

    Here is what I have so far:

    tomatoes, roma, big girl, celebrety and one golden globe
    eggplant, small Japanise, large type
    hot pepper of various varieties
    sweet peppers of varoius varieties
    asparagas (will not be harvestable till nest year)
    lettuce many varieties
    blur hubbard squash
    acorn squash
    butternut squash
    zuccini squash
    pink banana squash
    string beans
    shell beans
    peas, snow
    black eyed peas
    corn, silver queen
    sweet potatoes
    potatoes, three type, red, early, yukon gold
    onions, red, sweet, yellow
    swiss chard
    seeded for kohlrabi but it did not come up
    red cabbage
    brussell sprouts
    black berries
    blue berries
    mulberrie tree
    peach tree

    Istill eed to plant the radishes

    I also have some chickens for their eggs, 5 hens and 1 rooster

    Then I also grow all kinds of herbs:

    flat and curly parsley
    german chamomile
    stinging nettle
    margerum....and there are more but I think the list might bore you all, droning on with this list.

    The best thing I did was to make those tire planters out of stacks of tires. They do not look bad, as the plants grow and pretty much cover the tires, especially the sqashes. The tires also absorb the heat of the sun wich encourages thier growth especially allowing you to plant early.

    I make compost from the lawn clippings, leaves,weeds, and table scraps. Boy does that encourage my plants! I also put eggshells around my tomatoes to prevent blossom end rot, and use companion planting, planting plants togeather that help each other. Examples are hot peppers with tomatoes, beans with corn. I have had to use the bacillus spray to reduce the number of catapillers on my plants as we have had problems with gypsy moth and tent catapillers.

    I do think that I am going to have a really good crop this year as it has been good weather and my PCA and I have been working hard with the garden. All this stuff with the food and the Chinese imports in the news has really encouraged me to do this. MMMMMMMmmmmm....Iam looking forward to harvest time! Ihave really gotten into the gardening thing!
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    Last year I joined the local community garden. I've met so many wonderful people, I'd recommend it to everybody. There are three raised beds with sloping pathways made from donated materials that make the area quite accessible.

    Here's a group I belong to called Disabled Independent Gardener Association which falls under the umbrella of the Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation:

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    wow, that's a nice, big garden tweetybird!!

    Here's some pictures of my garden-we just have to plant some grass in the dirt areas, put some edging around the pavers, and i think we're going to plant some flower bulbs this fall

    I'm apparently not smart enough to paste my pictures on here so I attached them. The first picture is the view from the front, and the second picture is a close up of the area on the right side of the garden next to the fence.

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