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Thread: Favorite Summer Food

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellonwheels
    Summer tomatoes #1. I really miss 'em in the "off" season. And my favorite summer sandwich? Bologna, tomato & mayo (I'm a southern boy).

    Ditto some of the other posts: sweet corn, ripe peaches, watermelon.

    BTW, I'm growing "maters" for the first time this year, in containers. So far so good, I have a little green one already. I will definitely vouch for Miracle Gro.
    Tim McGraw's favorite sandwich too.
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    Grilled asparagus. Corn from the field, lightly cooked or grilled. OMG tomatoes, w/ anything or sliced and stuffed in my face. Gazpacho, I haven't had it for years but Mom used to make it, yum. Sliced cucumbers w/ sour cream, or w/ vinegar and sugar.

    When I was a kid we had a field of wild strawberries, the best shortcake. Had blackberries, killer cobbler. Sand plum jelly. Watermelon.

    We're leaving out the homemade ice cream!

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    I'd have to say strawberries too. One of my favourites. Potato salad (made with green olives and bacon) too ... not something I would make during the cooler months ... which reminds me I have some peeling and boiling to do.
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    Man, now i'm hungry too! I also can't wait for some tomatoes to grow out in the garden since you can't beat a home grown one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by van damn
    Tim McGraw's favorite sandwich too.
    ''Remember When'' song.
    Tim's a man of taste. Just check out his old lady.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellonwheels
    Tim's a man of taste. Just check out his old lady.
    I'd have to agree on that.
    Be yourself!!!
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    White Jersey corn on the cob from a local stand.

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    Corn on the cob. Mmm.
    And fresh sliced tomatoes, with salt and pepper.
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    boston lettuce,green onion and any organic veggies from my mom garden.
    dressing ?simple ..oil and vinegar.[pure].
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