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  • Church attending bible reading Christian

    35 31.25%
  • Judeo-Christian beliefs/values, but non-practicing

    22 19.64%
  • Islam

    0 0%
  • Hinduism

    1 0.89%
  • Bhuddhism

    3 2.68%
  • Judaism

    3 2.68%
  • Neo-Paganism

    3 2.68%
  • Nonreligious, Agnostic, Atheist, Secular Humanist,

    34 30.36%
  • I don't know what to believe anymore

    7 6.25%
  • I'll believe in anything that will get me cured. Religious or Nonreligious

    4 3.57%
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Thread: CareCure Religious diversity

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    CareCure Religious diversity

    Geno's "favorites" thread got me wondering who believes what
    Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'

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    My vote: Judeo-Christian beliefs/values, but non-practicing

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    You could probably have 100 choices up there and it still wouldn't be enough....

    for what its worth, I'm Catholic in the traditional vein, but very rarely attend church (and feel guilty whenever I do, but then rationalize it by saying I do something helpful at work (with developmentally and mentally disabled adults) as well. One more thing to remember the next time I go to confession


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    wiccan? taoism?

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    snake handler

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    Goddess worshipper.


    inquisitive agnostic
    Embrace uncertainty. Hard problems rarely have easy solutions. Jonah Lehrer

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    No one ever became unsuccessful by helping others out

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    One answer. What my dog tags say: None. (ETA: On account of I don't want to be labeled, I don't want to damn those of other religions, nor be damned by them).

    I find this guy interesting, the "Bhagwan" - "Master of the Vagina."

    At its peak, they had about 200,000 members and 600 centers around the world. They were targeted by many anti-cult groups as an evil, mind control cult. One source, in a masterful stroke of religious disinformation, claimed that "Bhagwan" means "Master of the Vagina." He has been called the "sex guru."
    In 1981 he left India reluctantly because of health problems. He went to the United States in order to obtain advanced treatment. There have been rumors of income tax evasion, and insurance fraud; it is not known whether these have any validity. The group settled on the 65,000 acre "Big Muddy Ranch" near Antelope, Oregon, which his sannyasins had bought for six million dollars. The ranch was renamed Rajneeshpuram ("City of Rajneesh"). This "small, desolate valley twelve miles from Antelope, Oregon was transformed into a thriving town of 3,000 residents, with a 4,500 foot paved airstrip, a 44 acre reservoir, an 88,000 square foot meeting hall..."
    This is right down the road from me. I remember it, kind of surreal. Strange people. But who am i to judge.
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    I voted Christian but non practicing. I don't read the Bible but do attend church. Babtized in the United Methodist church (grandpa was a minister), confirmed in the ELCA Lutheran church and still attend the ELCA church. I don't really follow any one sect of the Christian faith. I think it is more important to "act" Christian than to just attend church and read the Bible-IMO.

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    Christian trying to practice.Still too many inner demons I haven't beaten yet.
    Be yourself!!!
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