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Thread: It's happenning!

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    It's happenning!

    After 4 years of watching my left foot move and my right foot not move, but feel the same, it's almost weird to now move Both feet! I mean, it seems as if I'm seeing things until my wife or daughter see it too.

    I'm feeling daily return and burn. This past week I went through knarly burning for about 24 hours. Then the burning stopped and I felt portions of my legs like never before. I discovered that my lower legs could now feel cold temperature and proprioception.

    Also, with an ice cube, I went around the body and found I could feel the cold. My daughter really liked this. My right bun feels it and the left bun doesn't.

    I have been using my elliptical trainer in the garage, but also standing on the floor and taking steps across the garage. My brother added 6' more track on the ceiling and I can walk 10 steps before turning around.

    I feel new torso muscle every day and at dinner I ususally have to rest the spent back muscles.

    I haven't slept since 2 am due to new burning in thighs and butt, so I am thinking that it will turn into something positive.

    I continue to ride on a stationary bike, walk on an elliptical trainer or ride my hand bike every day. I'm c6,7 Inc and it's so encouraging to feel new stuff.

    Off to the garage! Pat

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    Way to go Pat!!!!!!!!!Keep up the good work.It gives me hope that one day it will all come back.
    Be yourself!!!
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    inspiring, even to a complete such as myself. keep fighting


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    Awesome news, Pat. This is more proof that with hard work and time the nervous system can repair itself. Keep it up!
    Injured May 19, 2006, C4 incomplete

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    Thanks for sharing your success in recovery. Is there anything specific which you can think of which may have brought on this sudden increase in feeling and movement? Did you change your exercise routine or do you think the results are coming from the repetition of what you've been doing?

    However it's working, congratulations! And keep doing whatever it is you're doing!

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    Wow Pat, must be the potatoes! Your updates and progress help ease the anxiety of the ever closing "2 year recovery period".

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    Thanks for sharing the wonderful news. So happy that you are continuing to progress.

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    Great news!!

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    Thanks everyone!

    I think the daily movement is the key. But here's the hard part. My Mom calls it mindfullness. As I ride a stationary bike and as I pedal I drive each and every movement with my mind to connect the movement with the thought. This is hard. It's mentally hard. But, after literally years, I feel nerves filling in. These nerves are helping me feel temperature, proprioception, pain and movement.

    I mean, when I started years ago, I felt nothing. I had to look down and see my feet moving. I was a spectator just like everyone else! I had to remember what it felt like to move and visualize doing it as I moved my feet with my hands.

    So, this mental challenge is on when I walk on my elliptical trainer. Also, other activities like skiing, lawn mowing and even riding a 4 wheeler.

    This is hard, but I cantinue to do it and the payoff seems to be larger everyday now. To feel putting weight on my feet is so encouraging! I've stepped up my activity and I'm sure I'm over-doing it! But that's what I do!


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