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    What do you do to stay healthy?
    I already eat healthy, fruits, vegetables, stuff like that. I try to stay away from fast food, but I occasionally do give in. I don't really get skin breakdown or sick, except for the occasional cold. Something I am kind of concerned about is the amount of exercise that I get. I have a quad gym, so I lift weights for about 20 minutes a day. But that doesn't really get my heart pumping. What do the rest of you quads do for exercise?

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    Hey Adam,

    I'm not sure what your level of injury is but I'm a c7-c8. When I was working a 40 hr week I would lift weights in the gym, and alternate days by pushing 2 mi without stopping.

    As I got older (27 yrs. s/p) I backed off pushing. Don't want to blow out my shoulders. Get yourself a tri-flow(sp) to exercise breathing

    Down But Never Out

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    It's called a 5000 VOLDYNE. Made by HUDSON RCI.

    Down But Never Out

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    It's sometimes hard for quads to get a good cardiovascular workout. Some options include pushing a manual chair for some distance or using an arm ergometer or a hand cycle. It sounds like your doing well on the other fronts, so doing your best with exercise, even if it's not quite enought to get your heart rate up, should be OK.


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