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Thread: Raced a Marathon in Vermont on Sunday and won in my division

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    Raced a Marathon in Vermont on Sunday and won in my division

    Finished Second overall with a time of 2 hours and 15 seconds. I could not touch the guy who won the race as he had full use of his abs (low level para, compared to me being a high level para) but it was a lot of fun. It was a total of 26 miles 385 yards. The guy who won in his division with the overall best time (Patrick Standen) did the race in an impressive 1 hour 45 minutes. I was impressed, there was a C7 quad (Andy from Bike-On) who did 2 hours 20 minutes with a broken brake cable, amazing.

    I'll post pictures when they become available. The race was in Burlington, VT. Beautiful up there.
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    You pushed 26 miles? You could have finished last and I'd be! Good job!

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    Yep, on a Handcycle, was shooting for under 2 hours so I just missed my goal by 16 seconds. I would have made my goal if it had not been for a public works truck blocking the entire bike path the final 5 mile stretch which set me back at least 30 seconds to a minute, I could not believe it, plus myself and 2 other riders got a little lost and went about a mile out of our way at around the half way point due to the course being poorly marked, so I figure I lost 5 minutes or so there. I rode my Varna Handcycle, it is a good race cycle for me and I am very comfortable on it. The second half of the race I was really flying, the first half I got off to kind of a slow start, I felt kinda bloated that day, but it seemed to go away after I got moving for a while. Must have been all the bumps shook the gas out of me , god bless the 10,000 runners behind me . We started 5 minutes before the runners and I think the first runner was about a 20 minutes behind me when I crossed the finish line. I never got tangled up with any runners.
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    Wow Curt. Well done. Do you train a lot?
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    Cool Wow!

    Great job! WOW thats fantastic Your a stud Curt!
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    wow! Awesome! How was the course? Pretty flat or lots of hills? I do the MS bike tour...and the hills kill me and my shoulder!

    Pretty awesome accomplishment! Way to go!
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    Cool, Curt. Congratulations!! I would so love to handcycle. Someday, maybe.

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    Thumbs up


    Absolutley AWESOME!

    I've been riding since last Sept. but had to put the bike away for the winter. I've ridin' 132 miles so far this year. I can ride 23.45 miles in about 2 hours 15 minutes. But that is with a lot of hills and crossing a lot of busy rodes.

    Keep up the great work. You going to give it a try again next year? I'm sure you'll be looking to crush the time you just accomplished.


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    Outstanding Curt, you have alot to be proud of. That is a real accomplishment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzie Q
    Great job! WOW thats fantastic Your a stud Curt!
    I concur!
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