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Thread: Hope everyone had.....

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    Hope everyone had.....

    A safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!
    God bless our troops and all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

    I discovered something I can't do without help today. I went on base to the beach to pratice for next Saturday (and tan my white butt a bit), they have lifeguards there so I knew if I had trouble help would be there.

    Well doggoneit, I just can't boogieboard without a little help. Riding the waves is no problem, along with everything else, I just can't get out in the surf enough to catch the next one LOLOL. I wore my fins thinking they might stablize me but they just caused me to do tailspins. LOL

    The Lifeguard guys (who BTW were pretty cute, built, hunky Marines ) were pretty impressed that I gave it my all, but I just gave up, drug my butt back to my chair and met some new girlfriends and sunned.

    I did manage to catch 1 or 2 waves , so it wasn't a total loss, I think the riptide was a little strong too, and I did get carried to and from the boardwalk by some cuties.
    I can't wait till next weekend so I can get out there and have some real fun in the surf.
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    Sounds like you had fun.Way to get the
    Be yourself!!!
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