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Thread: Quads pushing manual chairs

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapnGimp
    Why do you folks think it necessary to belittle people all the time?
    I'll tell ya why. You are insecure in your "crippledom" and have to search around for something to make you feel superior.
    Yup. It's the only reason some people post here.

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    My outlook is push or drive whatever YOU want. Who cares what others say. If you feel better in a manual then push it if its power so be it.
    C5-6 Feb 05

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustyjames
    Thanks for saving me all that typing Chick and Cap, my thoughts exactly.
    yes thx reflecting my similar notions.

    Yikes! It never ceases to amaze me how a good thread about WHAT TYPES OF MANUAL CHAIR'S are out there and which ones work best sort of topic degrades into meaningless debate. Especially since everyone of us are so different and live in different areas.

    If I lived in Florida and everything was flat and *maybe* more accessible, I'd be more inclined to push myself more often around in a manual chair -- but living in the elements of New England, which fractured sidewalks, ruts, pits snow ice and hilly terrain it's incredibly limiting in a manualand( as a quad) ....though manuals r great 4 malls, museums, hospitals and other areas where everything is flat and open.

    What are people's thoughts on scooters? ha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotoRacer598
    My outlook is push or drive whatever YOU want. Who cares what others say. If you feel better in a manual then push it if its power so be it.

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    Condemning people for using powerchairs is like condemning them for using cars. Let our fellow gimps get by as they want to.

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    we are talking about quads. are u ppl fucking morons.

    quads get thrown in pc just because some pt thinks its best. then they never live up to their full potential. that is fact in far to many cases,. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapnGimp
    Come up to me and tell me I LOOK crippled and I will kick your crippled ass, steal your fancy chair and laugh at you.
    ROTFLMAO!!! Thx Capn'

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps
    then they never live up to their full potential.
    We all envy you, truly.

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    "Wheelchair user taken on wild 50-mph ride:
    Chair becomes lodged on semitrailer's grille, travels 4 miles on highway"

    let's see you do that in your manual chair.... j.k

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    I have been back the a chair because I broke a foot and will be for sometime. The pain is worse from using my arms/upper body to wheel with, it's very, very weak with little muscle tone. Past few nights I cried at the end of the day cuz they hurt so dam bad! It is a big reason I struggle to walk becasue using a chair hurts life a mo fo....but wonder if I am screwing up the lower body becasue walkin is difficult

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