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Thread: dat File - Help Please

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    dat File - Help Please

    How do I read/view a dat file? Is there a free software download? I have a video I want to watch, but can't.

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    You can only open a .dat file with the program that created it. So you need to know what program created the file. You might be able to view it with word pad but you will be lucky if it is any thing readable .dat just mean data and is used by many programs to store random data. To open it in word pad right click the .dat file and choose opens with.. if opens with isn't available hold the shift key (either one) and then right click the file and choose opens with... From the program list choose word pad.

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    I don't think Wordpad will open a video
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    A .dat shouldn't be a video.. Be carefule with this.

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    Assuming the dat file is on a vcd... Use isobuster to extract it to a mpg.

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    use VLC media player to open the video file, its free.

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    I had a video that came with my RC helicopter that was the same situation. The directions said to right click the .dat file then click properties. You will see "opens with unknown application" and a change button next to it. Click the change button and pick Windows Media Player from the list. I did it, however it changed every .dat file so the it opens with the media player. I have no idea how to change it back. So I'm sure there is a better way.
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    I second the VLC answer - it will work great.
    It will open with media player too

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    If it is a .dat video file you will be able to open it in Windows media player as well you can also try nokia multimedia player if you have it installed on your machine.
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    To change your file associations back, go to start - settings/control panel/folder options and click FILE TYPES and then CHANGE button .

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