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Thread: Switching from Elavil to Neurontin

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    Switching from Elavil to Neurontin

    I began taking Elavil for burning pain soon after my accident 8+ yrs ago. I take 30mg before bedtime and 30mg in the morning. I would really like to get off it because I don't like the side-effects.

    Does anyone have any experience switching from Elavil to Neurontin?


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    i was on 10 to 20 mg a night of elavil plus neurontin which i would take every 6 hours. the neurontin and elavil would work well together without getting the high dose side effects of either

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    I was taking Elavil and got fairly good relief from burning pain but had a lot of urinary retention and had to stop. I presently take a low dose of Neurontin(1200mg)daily and do not get the same degree of pain relief that I was getting from Elavil. Some side effects I am getting from Neurontin is significant edema in my feet and weight gain.


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    Maybe desipramine would cause you fewer side effects (and less retention) than Elavil?


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    JLB, have you considered lowering the dose of Elavil? The side-effects are dose-dependent and usually 20 mg oonce a day may be sufficient.


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    i have been taking 25 mg of desipramine at night for the burning pain.
    it has much less unapealing side effects to me than 10 mg of elavil does.
    i think elavil at 10 mg is much better at helping with the pain, so 20 mg would be very low to you if you are taking 60 mg a day and also much better at letting me go back to sleep at night when the pain wakes me up.

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    Thanks for the advice all.

    That would be great if I could get down to 20mg. Should I decrease 5mg or 10?

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