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Thread: Want a FES bike...

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    Want a FES bike...

    Hey all..Well, I am getting out of the rehab joint in 2 months, and the one thing I need at home to keep improving is a FES bike. Sooooo........anybody got a FES bike reasonably priced they wanna unload? Pm me with a price, and I will get back to you. Thanks, John

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    I have an old Fes bike (1987). If you are interested let me know.

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    Sugar.....does this unit have resistance, display distance, as well as time?..John. And thank you for responding to my post.

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    I have posted a picture of the FES bike in another post in this forum. The post is titled "ERGYS 1 for sale." Maybe that will help some. As for your questions: This device has a program cartridge set up for the specific needs of each patient, including run times, resistance, etc. A prescription is needed for the cartridge. Is that what you were asking??

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    Yes. The ergys 2 has a resistance in K/p, shows distance and time ridden. Thanks.....John

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    Sugar.......I sent you a pm, did you recieve it? ......John

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    Yes John I sent you a PM.

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