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    I have two friends that says that when they go to urinate, they don´t cath, their penis shrink tooo much, and feels some heat and their backs sweat. they said that they don´t make extra effort to pee...some ideas?


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    Bernie, there are a lot of factors that could be influencing your friends' bodies. Feeling heat and sweating are "autonomic" responses to discomfort. The autonomic nervous system regulates things like body temperature, sweating, blood pressure and the like. Chances are that they are experiencing a little surge in blood pressure when that happens as well because I believe their bladders are uncomfortable.

    I'm not sure I understand what you meant when you said: "they said that they don't make extra effort to pee"? Not peeing when you need to is very dangerous for a person with a high spinal cord injury. It could result in serious autonomic dysreflexia which in its turn can cause awful things like stroke and death. Furthermore, it predisposes the person to urinary tract infections.

    As to the issue of their "penises shrinking" that could be in part an autonomic response as well--penises vary all of the time in terms of being more or less erect. That's the only mechanism I know of for penises appearing to shrink. They sometimes retract so that the tip is behind the edge of the fat pad at in the body at the pubic area. Retraction is often an issue of body weight--If a man loses excess weight, more of his penis is available for viewing, so to speak, if he gains weight, more of it is hidden.

    If you have other more specific questions let me know.


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