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Thread: "protrusion" in L4-L5,Herniation of L5-S1...

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    Quote Originally Posted by adi chicago
    rollin what dr.wise said regarding mri makes sense to me...i wonder if an MRI can be done in a vertical position .to see what really cause the problem regarding pain.
    Adi, yes, there are MRI's that can do a person in a vertical position. However, I am not sure about people in a seated position.


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    thank you very much dr.wise.i think i must travel again soon to USA to see what really cause my excrutiating neuro in romania the medical system and the latest technology is down.
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    Try a new chiropractic machine called a DRX-9000 for disc problems

    I haven't tried this, but I recommended it to my Dad who has disk problems. I have many people at my chiropractor's office be helped by it. It was designed by a Dr and uses negative traction to pull disks back into place over time, thus eliminating (I think) the pressure on the nerves casing pain. Try it! I will not damage your back, and probably will help it.
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    The advice from other posters is great. And, yep, I have a broad based disc bulge at L4/L5 and issues with the S1 too (stenosis, facets, etc.). For what it is worth I could NEVER figure out why the "sit pain" was so bad other than the nerves or herniation(s) that everyone is speaking of. Anyway, it took about a year to get it figured out. So, I ended up seeing a Urogyn who more or less said it was from nerve damage; lumbar/sacral area. What he wanted me to do first was to get the nerves calmed down. So, I had injections and then an RF by my spinal PM. From there I went into pelvic floor physical therapy. I don't mean to sound gross or anything but the whole pelvic floor was in BAD spasms. To make a long story short between the injections, RF and PT I have to say they all worked a miracle especially the PT. It was amazing after 3 sessions that I could sit straight down without any pain. Now, I didn't have burning while sitting or around any outer areas...just couldn't sit without being in agony. Anyway, I know they can do blocks too; I just never had those done as the PT took care of alot of that pain. So, just a thought because both the PM and the Urogyn told me it was all interrelated. Oh, but I did have the bladder and urethra burning. Of course Premarin cream helps with that. But still...this PT made all the difference in the world; Levator Ani muscles seemed to be the worst. The injections and RF it seems took care of the pain in my legs.

    Sorry I just jumped in here too. I was just thinking of the "sit pain" and not necessarily radiculopathy.

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